How to add order/product metadata in WooCommerce invoice

How to add order/product metadata in WooCommerce invoice

An e-commerce platform may vary in different domains. Subsequently, the requirement of a store owner also changes. When it comes to the invoice and other shipping documents, each domain may require to have its own specific data embedded in them. To include additional custom data into the WooCommerce documents is definitely an added advantage for the store owner. He may want to append order or product metadata particularly from other third-party plugins to his invoice and other shipping documents or labels.

Having a WooCommerce invoice, packing slip and label plugin will allow you to do this very easily. One among them is the ability to add custom metadata from third-party plugins.

Check out our tutorial which explains how an order/product metadata can be included in the WooCommerce invoice.

Let’s walk through the steps required to append order/product metadata in the WooCommerce invoice.

Add product/order meta in WooCommerce invoice

  • Install PDF Invoice/Packing plugin for WooCommerce on your site.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Invoice/ Packing > Invoice from WordPress dashboard.
  • Move on to the Advanced tab. You can add:
    • Order meta
    • Product meta
    • Product attribute

Add order meta

Additional order information can be appended in the invoice in two ways:

Method 1: Select a required item from the Order meta field drop-down. The list of default order metadata populated in the drop-down are as shown below:

WooCommerce Invoice:Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Order meta fields
WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Order meta fields

Method 2: To add other custom order meta details (probably from another third-party plugin) other than the ones displayed in the drop-down, click on Add Existing Order Meta Field. Into the popup that appears, key in custom Field Name and its corresponding Meta Key.

For example, to add a custom VAT number in the invoice populated from the plugin EU VAT Number for WooCommerce, you will have to key in an appropriate field name and its corresponding meta key in the checkout meta key fetcher pop up as shown below:

Adding custom order meta in WooCommerce invoice

The meta key for the VAT Number (_vat_number) can be obtained from the respective plugin’s documentation.

Sample invoice with the VAT

The invoice with its order meta EU VAT Number will be as shown below:

The invoice with order meta-VAT

Add product meta

From Product meta fields, click the Add Product Meta button . Into the popup that appears, key in with field name and the respective meta key. Then. click on Add button.

A sample invoice with a product metadata weight will be as shown below:

Add product attribute

From the product attribute, click the Add Product Attribute button. Into the popup that appears, key in with field name and the respective meta key. Then, click on Add button.

Learn more on how to add product attribute to invoice.


With this plugin, you can easily add custom product or order metadata from other third-party plugins into WoCommerce invoice. Hope you have understood how easy the plugin is to handle custom data.

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