Add a Save & Accept Button to the Settings Popup Using the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin allows you to make your website comply with the GDPR laws related to the cookies used on your website. It also lets the users of the website have control over the cookies that they want to allow.

The plugin allows the website owners to categorize the cookies used on their website according to the nature and purpose of the cookies. The users on the front end can then click on the Settings button, which will show a popup from which the users can enable/disable the cookies based on their categories.

After the user has chosen their preferences, they may come out of the popup window and then click on the Accept button to reflect their preferences and the cookie bar will disappear from the screen.

The following code snippet allows you to add a Save & Accept button to Settings popup itself using the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. By clicking on this button, the Settings popup and cookie notification bar will disappear allowing the users to accept the cookies they have chosen in the popup in one click.

Simply add the code snippet to the function.php file of the active child theme. This will add a Save & Accept button on the Settings popup as in the screenshot below.

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