How to Add Text to Customer Invoice

An invoice including text from customers ie; customer notes, is an example of an ideal invoice. WooCommerce allows you two ways to add text to the customer invoice. You can do it either by using an extension or manually on WooCommerce itself. The major difference is that if you are using an extension your workload will be less.

The best extension to use in order to add text to the invoice is WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing List plugin by WebToffee.

Adding text to invoice using extension

Step 1

Installation of the Plugin

After purchasing the Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Plugin for WooCommerce, the plugin will be available as a zip file in the API Downloads section of your MY ACCOUNT page.

  1. Download the zip file from API Downloads by logging into your WebToffee MY ACCOUNTS page.
  2. Log in as the WordPress Admin of your online store.
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New to upload the downloaded plugin.
  4. Choose the plugin file to upload.
  5. Finally, activate the plugin.

Step 2

The advanced invoice settings can be used to configure additional information with respect to order/product meta.

WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced
WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced
  • Order meta fields: Append additional order information in the invoice by selecting the required item from the drop-down. You can select a field from the list of default fields or click the Add Existing Order Meta Field button to create custom meta fields by providing a custom Field Name and the respective meta key for the field. The order meta keys can be found in the custom field section in the WooCommerce Order page of a product.
WooCommerce Invoice:Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Order meta fields
WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Order meta fields

To add other order meta details other than the ones displayed in the drop-down, click on Add Existing Order Meta Field.

WooCommerce Invoice:Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Add Order meta fields
WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Add Order meta fields
  • Product meta fields: Select/add additional product information in the invoice. Click the Add Product Meta to add a new product meta field by providing a custom Field Name and the respective meta key for the field. The product meta keys can be found in the custom field section of the product page.
  • WooCommerce Invoice:Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Product meta fields
    WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Invoice Advanced-Product meta fields
  • Custom footer for invoice: Key in with a custom footer for the invoice in the text area. If left blank, then the default footer from General settings will be loaded.
  • The settings can be saved by clicking on the Update Settings button.

    On placing an order, the PDF version of the active invoice template will be attached to the order mail with download and print provisions as shown below.

    WooCommerce invoice attached in e-mail
    WooCommerce invoice attached in an e-mail

    You can even print/download the invoice from WooCommerce Orders page as shown below:

    WooCommerce Order Page-Print shipments
    WooCommerce Order Page-Print shipments

    A sample invoice will be as shown below:

    Sample WooCommerce PDF Invoice
    Sample WooCommerce PDF Invoice

    Adding Text to Invoice Manually

    Here are the steps you need to follow in order to add text to the invoice generated in your store.

    Step 1

    Go to WooCommerce > Orders from your dashboard. Here is the resulting page’s screenshot.

    add orders

    Step 2

    On the opening page, click on the miniature version of the pencil icon.

    manual text addition

    Step 3

    Enter the shipping address in the respective fields and enter “customer provided note”.

    customer provided note

    Step 4

    order action

    Send invoice email to the customer.

    Here is a screenshot of an invoice email showing customer notes.

    customer note mail

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