Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce: The Ultimate Guide

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce: The Ultimate Guide

Data migration is a quintessential part of a website owner’s life.

Your online store will have several types of data, including order data. Manually exporting and importing these data, especially if you have a large store, can take up an unbelievable amount of time and energy. However, if you are a WooCommerce store owner, there are tools to help you do this.

There is an option within WordPress to export orders. However, it is severely limited in its functionalities and therefore cannot be used in all scenarios. You will need a third-party plugin to help you with advanced order export for WooCommerce.

Let me introduce you to the best-in-class advanced order export plugin for WordPress – Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce. The plugin is available in free and premium versions. You can avail the WooCommerce advanced order export features with the free version of the plugin.

Let’s look at how you can export WooCommerce orders with the default WooCommerce features and with the free version of the WooCommerce Order Export Import plugin.

Why do you need to export WooCommerce orders?

Migrating data is a requirement in many situations. Some common WooCommerce order export scenarios are detailed below.

  • To analyze the order details.
  • You can add exported order histories to marketing and CRM tools to help identify the trends. This can help you optimize customer satisfaction and retention.
  • The data can be loaded into external accounting and reporting systems.
  • Exporting data and saving it into CSV or XML files is an effective backup mechanism. It ensures data availability even in case of viruses and malware attacks.
  • Export can be used as a bulk update mechanism by which all your order-related data can be edited or updated seamlessly without having to open each order up.

How to export WooCommerce orders?

You can export WooCommerce orders with

  1. The default tool in WordPress
  2. WooCommerce Order Import Export plugin from WebToffee

The default WordPress order export features are highly limited. It only allows you to export all your order data as an XML file – nothing more.

If you want more sophisticated features, choose a third-party plugin. You can export order data as XML or CSV files, filter out the exact data that you want to migrate, schedule export, and more with the Order Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce.

Export WooCommerce orders with the default tool

To export all your order details in bulk to an XML file with the generic WordPress features follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Tools > Export from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose what to export as Orders.
  3. Click on the Download Export File button.

This downloads an XML file with all your orders to your computer.

Why should I use the Order Import Export plugin?

The WooCommerce order export import plugin from WebToffee is a plugin that helps with the

  • Import and export of orders
  • Export of order items to a single column, separate columns, or separate rows
  • Bulk update of all order-related data

With this plugin, you can seamlessly move the order data between WooCommerce stores while maintaining your order history. The plugin supports data transfer with CSV files.

The plugin offers you options to quickly export the data, view the detailed history of the import and export actions, get debug logs, move data in batches, etc. You can selectively export order data from your store using the filters offered by the plugin. This will help you extract the exact data that you require.

The plugin is compatible with major WooCommerce plugins including ​​Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce, WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels, Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking, and WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.

Export orders with the WooCommerce Order Export Import plugin (free version)

You will have to first install and activate the WooCommerce order export import plugin to carry out the order export.

To export your WooCommerce store orders with the WooCommerce order export import plugin – Advanced order export, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Select the WooCommerce post type that you want to export

Here we are exporting WooCommerce orders, so this is our post type. To do this,

  1. Navigate to WebToffee Import Export (Basic) > Export from your WooCommerce admin dashboard.
  2. Select the post type as Order.
Choose the type of post as order

Step 2: Choose the order export method as Advanced export.

Two export methods will be listed here. Choose Advanced export from the list.

advanced export for WooCommerce option in the import export plugin

Step 3: Filter out the order data you need to export from the store.

You will have several filter options available. It includes filtering by,

  • Total number of orders to export
  • The number of orders to be skipped from the beginning
  • Order IDs to export specific orders
  • Order statuses such as payment pending, on-hold, completed, refunded, etc.
  • Products, you can export orders with specified products here
  • Name or email address of the customer to export customer-specific orders
  • Coupons, here orders in which the specified coupons applied will only be exported
  • Export orders placed on or between specific dates.
Export filters for WooCommerce orders

Once you have selected the required filters, you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Map and reorder the export column

Here you can add/remove columns from the export file, rearrange the column position, edit the column name, etc.

map export data

Step 5: Advanced Options/Batch Export

Here you have several advanced order export options which enable you to decide on the number of batches and more.

Listed below is the complete list of advanced order export options available.

  • Exclude the previously exported orders from the current export
  • Add line items in a single column, separate columns, or separate rows
  • Choose the delimiter for differentiating entries in a column
  • Set the batch count
advanced woocommerce batch export options

Once you have configured the required settings, you can immediately export the data into a CSV file. You also have the option to save these settings as a template. This will eliminate the need of having to configure the same settings when you need to do a similar export.

Export with WooCommerce Order Import Export plugin (Pro)

Plugin for importing and exporting WooCommerce orders, coupons, and subscription details

The Pro version of the WooCommerce Order Import Export plugin offers all the features listed under Export Orders with the WooCommerce order export import plugin (free version) in addition to several advanced order export features such as automatic export and custom fields support.

Some of the advanced filters that the Pro plugin offers to export specific orders are,

  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Product category
  • Email address of the vendor

With the premium version of the WooCommerce Order Export Import Plugin you can import and export custom fields and third-party plugin fields (hidden metadata) along with the default fields.

In addition to saving the settings as templates and exporting the orders immediately, you can run scheduled automatic export of data. The plugin allows export to FTP and SFTP. You can also send automatic emails to customers upon order status change, create users on order exports, and more with this plugin.

More plugins for exporting WooCommerce orders

Here is a list of a few WooCommerce Order Export plugins that you can consider while migrating your orders. Take a look.

WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export

WooCommerce Customer Order Coupon Export plugin

Export all the order-related data in your WooCommerce store to CSV or XML file with this WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin. You can create automated exports to back up order data via FTP, HTTP POST, or email. The plugin offers the creation of flexible customizable formats to enable export in the format that you would require.

This is a premium plugin.

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

woocommerce advanced order export plugin

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin enables you to export your order data to various formats like CSV, XLS, XML, TSV, PDF, HTML, and JSON. You can selectively export the required data with filters, rename labels, reorder columns, etc. with this plugin.

This plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The details listed above correspond to the free version.

YITH WooCommerce Quick Export

The YITH WooCommerce Quick Export is also a viable order export plugin with which you can export all order-related information to a CSV file. The plugin offers options to export the data to your Dropbox account in addition to the CSV file. You can create backups instantaneously as well as create a scheduled routine backup with this plugin. The full history of the backups made is available in the plugin itself, so you can download them whenever necessary.

This is a premium plugin.

WooCommerce Orders & Customers Exporter

orders and customers exporter woocommerce

You can export all your orders and customers in your WooCommerce store to a CSV file using the WooCommerce Order & Customers Exporter plugin. The plugin offers several filters like order statuses, customers, products, start, and end date, etc. You can also export more than 40 order-related information with this plugin.

This is a premium plugin.


The default order export capabilities in WooCommerce are extremely limited. This means that you will have to seek help from a third-party plugin to achieve the advanced order export capabilities that you may require. So why not get it from a free plugin?

The WooCommerce Order Import Export is a free plugin that offers advanced WooCommerce order import export functionalities including selective filtering and batch exporting. Give it a go!

You can also avail the same features with the Import Export Suite for WooCommerce. The suite offers user, customer, product, coupons, and subscriptions import and export in addition to orders.

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