How To Auto Apply Coupons With WooCommerce Coupon URLs?

This blog post will cover everything you need to know to set up auto-apply coupon URLs for WooCommerce. We will also see how to do this with a help of a plugin that offers additional customizations and QR code support.

Customers always appreciate a hassle-free shopping experience! So how do you make shopping relaxed? One good way is to bypass manually entering coupon codes! This could also reduce the number of customers leaving your site looking for discount coupon codes.

How would you offer discounts without applying coupon codes? Well, you can create unique coupon links or URLs for each coupon and offer them to the customers instead of raw coupons.

By default, WooCommerce enables you to generate URLs for coupons in WooCommerce manually. However, if you need additional functionalities like coupon QR codes, custom redirect pages, attaching products with URLs, and more, the URL Coupons for WooCommerce plugin is here to help.

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How Do WooCommerce Custom Coupon URLs Work?

URL coupons or coupon links, an alternative to our conventional coupon code approach, enable applying coupons using an hyperlink. Clicking on the coupon URL will automatically apply the coupon to the customer’s shopping cart.

This WooCommerce auto-apply coupon functionality adds convenience to the checkout process as this eliminates manual coupon application.

In addition to discount coupons, you can also attach products with coupon URLs with the URL coupons for WooCommerce plugin. So when a customer clicks on the coupon links, the products along with the discount codes, will be applied to the cart. This makes shopping even easier!

You can configure a URL Coupon for internal or for any external site very easily in just a few easy steps. Here we are going to primarily focus on linking the URL with internal and external blog posts.

How To Configure URL Coupons In WooCommerce?

The first step is installing the URL Coupons for WooCommerce plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can move on to creating URL coupons.

You can create a WooCommerce URL Coupon in the following manner.

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons, and create a new coupon by clicking on Add Coupon.

  2. Provide an appropriate coupon code (or automatically generate one) and description.

  3. Configure the coupon according to your specific requirements.

    For example, if you wish to offer a 20 percent discount with the URL coupon. Then, create a percentage discount coupon with a coupon value of 20.

  4. Configure the URL options tab.

    1. Enter an appropriate text in the unique URL field. This string will be appended with your site URL to form a unique coupon URL (sale20).

    2. You can specify the product that you want to automatically add to your customer’s cart when they click or scan the URL/QR code in the Add products to cart field. (Men’s Cotton T-Shirt – Red)

    3. Define where your customers should be redirected to after applying the coupon in the Redirect after applying field. You can either provide a specific URL or a page (Checkout).

    Configure URL Coupons with the WordPress WooCommerce plugin

  5. Publish the coupon.

Now, let us create a blog where this URL coupon can be embedded. Here, we are going to link the URL coupon with an image in a blog post, as shown below.

Add URL coupons to blog posts
Attaching URL coupons with blog post images

Publish the post and preview it.

On clicking the image, the customers will be redirected to the checkout page. Also, the specified product will be automatically added to the cart, and the coupon will be applied.

URL Coupon
URL Coupons – What customers experience

You can also generate QR Codes corresponding to each coupon, just like the coupon URL, and download them with the plugin.

Downloading the QR codes makes sharing the coupons easier.

Download QR Code for each URL coupon

When a user scans the QR code (provided the underlying coupon conditions are met), the respective coupon code will be automatically applied to the cart.

Checkout by clicking on URL Coupon

You can even place these coupon codes outside your web store, say on social media, to catch the eye of users who have never before engaged with your store.

Benefits Of WooCommerce Coupon URLs

Some of the benefits of using URL Coupons are:

  • Automatically apply WooCommerce coupon discounts to customer’s cart
  • Redirect customers to a specified page after the coupon application
  • Increase conversion by bypassing manual coupon application
  • Generate personalized coupon URLs to reward customers


The URL coupons are a better alternative than the usual coupon code fields. They are a real conversion killer as customers often leave your site searching for coupons and may not return.

URL coupons give you the flexibility to redirect the customers to the cart and automatically apply coupons without any manual intervention. The QR code coupon capabilities of the URL coupons for the WooCommerce plugin are a good way to make your print advertising actionable. This can help in better conversions and improved customer retention.

Know more about our other coupon extension plugin, Smart coupon for WooCommerce.

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