How to do an Automatic Scheduled WooCommerce Product Import Export

How to do an Automatic Scheduled WooCommerce Product Import Export

What would you do if your WooCommerce store requires you to go through the import and export of products on a frequent basis? This could cause you a lot of trouble as you may not be around to take care of it all the time. Then how about an option that automatically exports and imports products in your store on a scheduled interval that’s configured by yourself? Awesome, isn’t it?

This article will explain to you how you can work this feature out in your WooCommerce store with the help of the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce.

Using this plugin you can do much more than the automatic import and export of products. Here is the list of features that you can avail by using this plugin in your WooCommerce store.

  • Import/export of products from CSV/XML or via URL.
  • Scheduled import/export of products and product reviews via FTP/SFTP using Cron Job.
  • Support for the import and export of all product types.
  • Multiple product filter options ie; filter products by their types, category, tags, status.
  • Import/export of product reviews, etc.

Pre-requisites for Enabling Auto Import/Export with the plugin

Before you enable auto import/export of products in your store, you need to perform manual FTP import/export of products using this plugin at least once. Ie; you need to import and export products using the FTP server.

Once you are done with the installation and activation of this plugin you may head to enable automatic import and export of products in your store. From your WordPress dashboard go to WooCommerce > Product Im-Ex > as shown below.

product import export plugin navigation

From the opening window click Settings tab. In the opening window select the box that asks to enable FTP. Enabling FTP by configuring its settings is mandatory as this plugin supports automatic import/export via FTP/SFTP only.

enable FTP

Once you enable FTP a list of configuration options appear as shown below. These are general FTP settings for import/export of products.

FTP settings for import:export
  • FTP Server Host/IP – This is where you provide your FTP server hostname.
  • FTP Username – Enter your FTP user name.
  • FTP Password – Enter the password of FTP to enable FTP import/export
  • FTP Port – Enter your FTP port number in the field.
  • Use FTPS – Enabling this option lets you send data over a network with SSL encryption.
  • Enable Passive Mode – You can control whether you want to turn the passive mode on or off.
  • Export Path – Here you can specify the path in the server to which the file will be exported.
  • Export Filename – Here you can specify the name of the CSV file exported.
  • Automatically Export Products – Enable this option to automatically export products.
  • Automatically Import Products – Enable this option to automatically import products.

Enabling Automatic Scheduled Export Using the Plugin

Once you enable automatically scheduled export as shown below.

automatic export enabled

It unlocks a few more options for you to configure.

automatic export window

Convert shortcodes to HTML – Select this box to convert the shortcode to HTML in the exported CSV file.

Product Categories – Here you can filter the products that need to be exported category wise.

Export start time – You can enter the time start time at which the export will start. The time format is given as “6:18 pm or 12:27 am”.

Export Interval – Enter the time interval (in minutes)at which export should take place.

Select an export mapping file – If you have a previously saved mapping file, you can select it from here or ignore the option.

Include hidden metadata – Enable this box if you want to include hidden metadata in the exported CSV.

Now click the Save settings button.

Enabling Automatic Scheduled Import Using the Plugin

automatic import

Once you enable automatic import of products, you can proceed to configure the rest of the settings.

automatic import window