Automatically apply coupons in cart on WooCommerce

Coupons can bring about a significant hike in leveraging sales in a drastic manner. Providing great deals to customers results in better conversion and customer retention. Suppose that you have created different coupons in your store that can be used across all customers, it is likely that you need to promote it via blogs or any other media. You can easily convert blog readers as purchasers by embedding coupon in blog post/page. URL Coupon is a better way of doing it by passing a coupon through a link. The coupons will be automatically applied for customers visiting the embedded link.  Automatically applying the coupon to cart simplifies the checkout procedures enhancing additional convenience for purchasing with a coupon.

You can implement a URL Coupon for a blog post internally or for any external site very easily in few easy steps.

  1. Create a URL Coupon in the following manner:
    • Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons, create a new coupon by clicking on Add Coupon.
    • Key in an appropriate coupon code and description.
    • Configure the coupon in the required manner. For example, if you wish to offer a 20 percent discount for the URL coupon. Then, create a percentage discount coupon with coupon value 20.
    • From the Action coupon tab:
      • Ener an appropriate text in the unique URL field. This string will be appended with your site URL to form a unique coupon URL (sale20).
      • You can add a product to which the coupon must be applied in the Product to add to cart field. (Men’s Cotton T-shirt-Red)
      • Define where the link should be redirected to in the Redirect after applying field (Checkout).
        URL Coupon-Input the fields
        URL Coupon-Input the fields
  2. Now, let us create a blog where this URL coupon can be embedded. Here, am going to link the URL coupon with an image in a blog post as shown below.
    URL Coupon for use case-Blog Post
    URL Coupon for use case-Blog Post
  3. Publish the post and preview it. On clicking the image, the link will be redirected to the checkout page by automatically applying coupon with the selected product.
    URL Coupon
    URL Coupon-demo


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