Automatically Apply Discount to the Cart With a Public Coupon URL

Automatically Apply Discount to the Cart With a Public Coupon URL

The e-commerce world is growing day by day, new online stores are sprouting up everywhere and the competition has become so intense that these stores are in constant need of changing their marketing strategies from time to time. Out of a number of promotional options, discount coupons are found to be the real people puller.

The feeling of getting something extra for what they pay does seem to work really well among customers. Store owners can customize a variety of coupons that suits their business. But the only issue that arises with this method is that once people add products to the cart they will leave the cart page and go looking for coupon deals before completing the purchase. From among them, only a few would return to complete the purchase. Others will get distracted somehow or leave unable to find any coupons thereby leaving the cart abandoned.

There is a much better way to increase sales with the help of coupons – creating coupon links and promoting them via blogs and getting them applied automatically right after a customer clicks on the coupon link. These coupon links can be made either public or aimed at a certain group of audience to make the best out of it.

Public coupon URL’s are usually displayed in blogs/articles, etc., where people often come to visit. This article shows you how you can display coupon URL’s on such platforms.

You first need to install the URL coupons for WooCommerce plugin in your WooCommerce store to enable this feature. Here is how to install this plugin.

Installation of the URL Coupons Plugin

After purchasing the URL Coupons Plugin for WooCommerce, the plugin will be available as a zip file in the API Downloads section of your My Account page.

  1. Download the zip file from API Downloads by logging into your Webtoffee MY ACCOUNTS page.
  2. Log in as the WordPress Admin of your online store.
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New to upload the downloaded plugin.
  4. Choose the plugin file to upload.
  5. Finally, activate the plugin.

Create a Public Coupon URL to Display on Your Blog

On set up and activation of the plugin, a new menu appears in the “coupon data – Action coupons” which you need to fill in order to create a coupon URL.

Let me take you through the entire process of creating a public coupon URL.

Step 1

Click add new coupon

Step 2

Then you can move on to fill in the Usage restriction and Usage limits details of the coupon as you prefer, for guidance on filling in these details you can refer to the WooCommerce coupon set up article.

Step 3

The next tab is action coupons.

Unique URL – A term or parameter which along with your site’s URL make up the unique URL. This unique URL is later copied to the blog for creating public coupon URL.

Add products to cart – You can choose any number of products from your store’s product list for applying this coupon.

Redirect after applying – This field determines where the person gets redirected to once after clicking on the coupon link from a blog. It is given as cart by default but you can change it to the checkout or any other page if you wish to.

Now click the nearby publish button to make the coupon live.

Step 4

Create a blog to display the coupon link.

Once you create the blog copy-paste the coupon URL to a particular word or image of the blog and create a link to the coupon.

In this blog, if you click on the image, you will be redirected to the cart page. Here is a screenshot of the cart.

With this plugin, just a single click will bring your site/blog visitor to the cart, thereby multiplying the chances for a sale.


Of all the coupon strategies that have been in use this far, URL coupons are the best coupon idea ever. It is a very powerful way to earn more sales to your store. Thus, you do not have to think twice to employ this feature to your WooCommerce store.

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