7 Best WooCommerce Reviews Plugins for 2023

7 Best WooCommerce Reviews Plugins for 2023

Are you looking for the perfect WooCommerce review plugin for your eCommerce site?

Just like having free or paid eCommerce themes, you also need some useful plugins for a smooth-running WooCommerce site. These plugins can be useful for payments, sales & conversions, management, marketing tools, and many more.

But have you ever thought that conversion can only be possible if your consumers are well satisfied with your products? You might be thinking about how can you generate income through customer satisfaction.

For example, in Amazon, you can see many people share their experience by providing reviews and ratings on the products that they purchase. In the same way, you need to have in place a good review system for each product in your store. A good WooCommerce Review plugin for your WooCommerce site will help you achieve this.

In this article, we will look at some of the best WooCommerce review plugins which will help you to improve your conversion for your WooCommerce site.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best WooCommerce review plugins for your eCommerce site.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Reviews Pro plugin

WooCommerce Product Review Pro is one of the top product reviewing plugins that you can use to display reviews on your site. You can show product reviews like amazon where you can filter and sort reviews for your products.

Using WooCommerce Product Review Pro plugin the customers can show reviews based on ratings, upvote or downvote comments, and a lot more. The plugin comes with many features where you can limit word count, sort comments, flag comments and do many more.

Customers can sort reviews based on questions asked, negative & helpful reviews, videos & photos, and based on size. Users can post a video about the product and also upload images based on the products that they purchase from your site.

WooCommerce Review Plugin by Wiremo

Wiremo Ecommerce Reviews Plugin

Wiremo is an eCommerce website and online service provider which helps customers to establish eCommerce sites. They have developed a WooCommerce review plugin that helps users to write or read reviews.

You can log in via Facebook, Google, or Twitter to as questions or add a review on the products. Furthermore, you can sort reviews based on the star ratings that you have received on the individual products. A separate tab for reviews and questions can be shown where you can read all the comments and reviews.

Additionally, you can share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter to get more conversions. Apart from that you can upvote and downvote that review if it finds helpful for you.

Moreover, you can also, search any reviews based on the reviews that mention or with a keyword. You can highlight the number of reviews on the category pages by hovering the star ratings to see the maximum number of ratings of that product.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews plugin

For an eCommerce website, customer reviews are one of the most important aspects of sales. Using Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you to encourage users to buy the product by reading the reviews.

People who submit their reviews will become proof for users to purchase products on your site. The plugin helps you to set up automatic review reminders for customers who have purchased from your store. Just like Amazon, your users will get a reminder email to submit their review on your site.

The plugin comes with many great features and also comes with a PRO version. You can send in coupon codes in exchange rates in return for reviews that they submit on your site. You can submit reviews and ratings, rate the comments that help you in making the purchase, and do a lot more with this plugin.

You can use Shortcode to show reviews in the grid view on any pages. Above all, the plugin is easy to use and comes with many easy to use settings to manage the plugin. Using a simple button you can send in reminders for submitting review who has purchased the product from your site.


Ryviu is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for reviews and can work well with any WooCommerce theme. It helps you attract customers’ attention and create trust in your store by generating, managing, importing, and displaying product reviews on any page of your store such as WooCommerce shop pages, WooCommerce thank you page, etc.

Besides, with Ryviu, you can create a separate featured review page that shows the best reviews and ratings of your products, which can boost your conversion rate and drive more sales to your business.

YITH Woocommerce Advanced Reviews

WooCommerce Advanced Reviews plugin

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review plugin gives you a deliberate touch to show reviews on your products. The plugin is useful to show reviews based on ratings and sort by most helpful reviews. The customers can vote for your most helpful reviews on the products.

Furthermore, you can sort ratings based on ratings that you have received on the individual products. You can use the Free and as well as pro version of the plugin to unlock premium features for this plugin. As an admin of the site, you can moderate the reviews. You can also disable replies to reviews, limit reviews per user, and use shortcode to list all reviews.

For security purposes, you can enable the Google Captcha form so that spam comments cannot be loaded on your site. The plugin comes with many useful features that are easy to use and manage as an admin of the site.

Above all, the plugin is integrated with Google rich snippets which will show the ratings on Google Search Engines.

Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews plugin

Ultimate Reviews is a WooCommerce product review plugin which you can use for your eCommerce site. The plugin is easy to use and comes with 2 shortcodes which you can use for different purposes.

You can use this plugin to review different products, events, or anything on your site. Once you submit reviews on your products you can see an average score generated on the review section. You can filter the score and show the results for the reviews.

Furthermore, you can filter the reviews based on the authors that have submitted reviews on your products. The plugin is easy to use and you can easily manage settings, add reviews, and import reviews on your site. You can change the styling of the ratings by changing colors, layouts, and review skin style. Moreover to that, you can label the average number of ratings that you receive on your products.

This WooCommerce product review plugin has so much to offer as it is easy to use and you don’t need a developer to manage any settings for your site.

SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce

ShopItPress WooCommerce Review Plugin

SIP Reviews Shortcode is a WooCommerce Review Plugin which you can use for your online store. Using this plugin you can show your user reviews and ratings anywhere on your site.

The plugin also helps you to insert product schema to your page allowing you to show ratings on search results. By using a simple shortcode you can display product reviews anywhere via posts, pages, or widgets. The plugin is easy to use and has many customizable styles to choose from.

SIP Reviews Shortcode plugin comes in both a free and pro versions. Using the pro version you can customize review rating styles with 2 beautiful designs. Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce Product Review Pro plugin.

Above all, you can localize the plugin in your own language as it comes with MultiLingual support.

Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews for Woocommerce

Yotpo Reviews Plugin

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing tool that helps you to collect reviews and ratings on your site. You can use this plugin to build trust among your buyers, increase sales, and traffic to your online store. Once the product gets purchased users are asked to provide feedback via email.

It also helps users to ask questions and get relevant answers without contacting the site owner. Furthermore, you can encourage users to write reviews on your site and provide a coupon to bring back customers to buy more.

With easy-to-customize widgets, you can showcase reviews and ratings on different pages of your website. Sort the reviews with the best reviews provided by past customers so that your new customers don’t abandon the checkout process.

The plugin is free to use and has more than 4000+ active installs on the WordPress site.

WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

WooDiscuz Comments Plugin

WooDiscuz as the name implies is a WooCommerce review and comments plugin that allows users to discuss the products that are sold on your eCommerce store. By activating this plugin you can find an additional tab on the product page for “Discussions“.

Using this plugin the visitors can comment, share, and vote for the comments that other users have posted on the product page. Furthermore, you can share visitors’ comments on social media to boost sales and trust in your products.

The plugin is easy to use and both the frontend and backend have simple settings that you can integrate on your site. You can reply to the user’s comments or create a new thread within the product. The form is easy to use and you can load as many comments as you like on the product with the AJAX loading feature.

The plugin is free and has more than 2000+ active installs. Moreover, to that, you can find many wpDiscuz Addons bundles to extend the functionality on your site.


To wrap up, I have listed out some of the popular WooCommerce Review plugins that you can use for your eCommerce site. Some of the plugins that I have listed here are free and also available in pro versions.

A WooCommerce review plugin would increase the chances of boosting sales and conversions. Reviews are one of the most common ways where customers decide if they need to buy that product or not.

By using this plugin you can know many possibilities about the products and sales that you have earned in recent times.

Now, over to you.

Are you using any of the WooCommerce product review plugins?

Did I miss any of the plugins which I should list above?

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions below.