Best WordPress Plugin for Importing User Data

Best WordPress Plugin for Importing User Data

When you own a site, more often than not, you will need to transfer data from one site to another. Especially the user data. Because no matter what kind of WordPress website you are migrating, be it a subscription website, a blog, or an e-commerce store, you will need to retain all the user data into the new website.

This can be done directly from the database, but if you are not a seasoned developer in WordPress you should probably not touch the database. If proper care is not taken while migrating it could potentially cause harm to the website and its data. If you are directly taking the data from the database, you should create a proper backup in case anything goes wrong.

But there are plugins that can help you safely and securely migrate data from one site to another. During migration or updating the data on the website, you would need a good plugin that can import the user data error-free and effortlessly.

The best plugin for importing user data for WordPress is the WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin allows you to export the WordPress User data and the additional metadata into a CSV file and also import all the data from a CSV file to the WordPress site.

There is a lot of power and control that the plugin gives you over the data that is imported. Some of the main features of the plugin include:

User Data Import features:

  • Import WordPress users and WooCommerce customers from a CSV file.
  • Import from a CSV file from the local computer or from the server via FTP or FTPS.
  • Import additional user/customer metadata.
  • Update or modify existing products with the new information by importing the updated CSV file.
  • Mapping fields to ensure the correct import of data from any of the e-commerce platforms.
  • The Cron job or scheduled import enables you to scheduled automatic import at regular intervals via FTP.
  • Update or transform data of each user during the import process using the evaluation field.
  • Assign appropriate roles to the user/customer.
  • Optionally send email to every new user after import.

User Data Export features:

  • Export all user data and additional metadata into the CSV file.
  • Schedule automatic export via FTP using Cron job.
  • Export users according to their user roles.
  • Export a partial list of users.
  • Bulk Export of users from the WordPress User page.
  • Export the user data of a single user from the WordPress user page.

You can also try out the basic free version of the plugin before getting your hands on the premium version to be sure that the plugin does what you expect it to do.