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Bulk Generate Coupons using Smart Coupon for WooCommerce

Using Smart Coupon for WooCommerce, coupons can be generated in bulk using the Bulk Generate functionality. A specified number of coupons are generated as per the matching criteria from the Coupon data section. The generated coupons can be:

  • added to the store,
  • exported as a CSV or
  • emailed to the recipients directly.
  1. Go toWooCommerce > Coupon.
  2. Select Bulk Generate next to the Settings tab.
  3. From the Action section specify the following:
    • No. of coupon need to be generated: The number of coupons to be generated can be specified in the provided text field. As many coupons as required will be generated in bulk as per the matching criteria.
    • Generate Coupons and:
      • Add to store: Adds the generated coupons to the store.
      • Export as CSV: Exports the generated coupons into a CSV file for future use.
      • Email recipient: Emails the respective coupons to the recipients. This works in combination with Allowed emails option available under usage restriction.
Bulk generate coupon for WooCommerce

Bulk generate coupon for WooCommerce

Once the settings are in place, assign a prefix and suffix for the coupon, if required. The coupon_code is a unique randomized alphanumeric character of length 12 which will be generated automatically. Click on Generate Coupon button to issue coupons as per the pre-defined configurations.

Bulk generate with Allowed Emails option:

If email restriction is applied under allowed emails option, the application generates only enough number of coupons depending on whichever is the lowest value, either the coupon number or the number of emails.

User Restriction with Allowed Email

For instance, consider the below scenario:

  • Restrict to only two emails in the Allowed Email field of the User Restriction section as shown above:
  • Enter 10 coupons to be generated in the Bulk Generation section:


Even though 10 coupons are given for generation only two coupons will be generated and assigned to those restricted users in the order listed. Alternatively, if you provide 2 coupons and 10 emails, only two coupons will be generated and assigned to the first two email ids.

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