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Buy 2 and get 50% off: Use case

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce gives you the provision to create coupons with specific volume based or category based discount coupons. In order to achieve a Buy 2 get 50% off coupon, you will need to configure coupon accordingly with the required criteria to attain 50% off on purchase of at least 2 items from a particular category. Following are the steps to achieve this:

Configuring the coupon:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon
  2. Key in an appropriate coupon code and description
  3. From the General tab of the coupon data panel:
    • Select the Discount Type as Fixed Percentage Discount
    • Enter the coupon value as 50 to attain a 50% discount.
    • Check Apply Coupon Automatically option
  4.  From the User Restriction tab:
    • Select the category condition; for example as Clothing and Accessories.
    • Set the Minimum quantity of matching products purchase as 2.
  5. Publish the coupon.
Buy 2 get 50 off-set up

Buy 2 get 50 off-set up (Click to expand)

Next, purchase 2 or more products from the clothing and accessories category to avail 50% off for it.

  1. Select any 2 products from the clothing and accessories category from your store and move it to the cart.
  2. As and when the quantity of products turns out to be 2 or more, the coupon will be applied automatically.
  3. Now the order total will be calculated with a discount of 50 %.
Buy 2 get 50% off purchase

Buy 2 get 50% off purchase (Click to expand)

In this use case we have explored the following features of Smart coupon for WooCommerce plugin:

  • Fixed percentage discount with a definite coupon value
  • Auto Apply coupon
  • Conditional coupon usage restriction for a particular product category
  • Minimum quantity of matching products
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