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Buy 3 Hoodies and Get Free Accessories: Use case

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Smart Coupon for WooCommerce plugin provides numerous options for personalizing coupons to meet various coupon specific requirements. Let’s assume that you would like to give away a free belt if at least 3 quantities of hoodies are purchased from your store. The steps listed below will help you achieve the same.

Configuring the coupon:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon
  2. Key in an appropriate coupon code and description
  3. From the General tab of the coupon data panel:
    • Select the Discount Type as Fixed Product Discount
    • Check Apply Coupon Automatically option
  4.  From the User Restriction tab:
    • Select the category condition as Hoodies.
    • Set the Minimum quantity of matching products purchase as 3.
  5. From the Giveaway products tab, select the free products as Belt and Cap.
  6. Publish the coupon.
Buy 3 Hoodies and get free accessories-setup

Buy 3 hoodies and get free accessories-setup (Click to expand)

Next, purchase 3 or more hoodies to avail free product along with it.

  1. Select any three hoodies from your store and move it to the cart.
  2. As and when the quantity of hoodies turns out to be 3 or more, the coupon will be applied automatically.
  3. Since this coupon comes with giveaway products the user can easily choose an accessory of their choice and move your order to check out.
Buy 3 Hoodies and get free accessories-purchase

Buy 3 hoodies and get free accessories-purchase (Click to expand)

Some of the prominent features of smart coupon like the following are used for achieving this use case:

  • Fixed Product Discount
  • Apply coupon automatically
  • Conditional coupon usage restriction for a particular product category
  • Minimum quantity of matching products
  • Multiple giveaway product
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