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Redirect to a Custom Page After Successful Purchase of a Subscription Using Subscription for WooCommerce

The below code snippet allows you to redirect to a custom page after the user has successfully completed a purchase when using Subscription for WooCommerce plugin. Simply add the below code snippet to the active child theme function.php and replace the URL in the function wo_redirect() to the desired page.

Hide the Actions Available to the User On Subscriptions View Using Subscriptions for WooCommerce Plugin

The Subscription for WooCommerce plugin allows the subscriber to suspend or cancel a subscription from their My Account page under subscription view in the My Subscription tab. The below code snippet allows you to hide the available actions (Suspend and Cancel) from the subscription view. To achieve that simply add the below code snippet to the […]

Change Add to Cart Button Text Only on the Cart Page Using Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin allows you to change the text of the Add to Cart button on any page on the shop. The below code snippet allows you to change the text of the Add to Cart button only on the shop page of the store. To do that, simply add the below code snippet […]

How to Identify Cookies Your Website Installs on the Browser

The GDPR Law requires companies and organizations serving the citizens of the EU to be transparent about the data that they are collecting from their users. This also includes the cookies that the website uses. The website should let the users know what cookies they are using and get consent from them to continue using […]

How to Make Invoice and Order Number Match in Woocommerce

An invoice number is used to distinguish one invoice from another. Thus each invoice should possess a unique number. When you match order number with the invoice number, it is a lot easier to remember it. You will not have to deal with a string of identification numbers by keeping both the same. By using […]

How to Get Packing List in WooCommerce

Packing list serves the important purpose of intimating customers regarding the content of the package ie; content type, quantity etc. It is a must to send it along with the shipment. It allows customers to crosscheck the actual order to the items they have received. Which in turn helps avoid any confusion related to the […]

How to Print Delivery Note in WooCommerce

A delivery note is a document enclosed within the shipment of goods which contains a list of the description, unit, and quantity of the goods delivered. It is not a document which is compulsory for transactions but it is appreciated if your store is able to print delivery note and send it along with the shipment […]

How to Print Shipping Label in WooCommerce

A shipping label is an essential document for shipping. In more crucial terms, shipping of products will not happen without a shipping label affixed to the package. It contains information regarding the origin and the destination of the shipping package for every node in the supply chain to understand. Failure in providing accurate details on the […]

How to Set up PDF Invoices & Packing Slips in WooCommerce (Deprecated)

Invoices and packing slips are necessary documents when it comes to shipping products from your store. Making sure that these documents are available to customers creates certain transparency in transactions and will help avoid disputes over transactions. It takes up a lot of effort to manually set up PDF invoice and packing slip in your […]

How to Get a PDF Invoice in WooCommerce

A seller’s responsibility doesn’t end with shipping and delivery of the products to the customers. It is equally important to deliver all the documents related to purchase for establishing credibility among customers toward the store. Which will in turn help boost the sales of your store by retaining the customers. These documents consist of an […]