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How to provide a first order discount in WooCommerce

The ability to offer First order discount  is an effective way of converting a casual visitor of your store to a potential buyer. One of the reasons  why people remain loyal to a brand and start recommending it to their family and friends is because they have gained something from it.  We know that WooCommerce […]

How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Coupons

If you have been running your WooCommerce store for too long, it must contain a huge number of coupons in it. The higher the number, the larger the effort you have to put in to manage these coupons effectively and it takes up a lot of your time as well. But managing coupons in your […]

How to Create a Next Order Coupon in WooCommerce

Retaining your existing customer base is more important than you think. You can secure a huge number of sales by doing so. But, if you are finding it hard to keep your customers coming back to your store, here is something you can try – offering next order coupons in your store. These coupons persuade […]

How to Add Coupons Based on Category in WooCommerce

It’s always best to have a coupon system that lets you create all sorts of coupons having different usage restrictions. Availing coupons based on categories will benefit your store in multiple ways. But the only problem is that the default WooCommerce system doesn’t have a feature that supports this. This explains the need for a […]

How to Give Store Credits Instead of Refunds in WooCommerce

Guaranteeing refunds in your store makes your business more customer-friendly. It helps people to make purchases from your store without the fear of losing their money. Although allowing refunds is a great thing from a customer perspective, it’s not a pleasant experience for store owners as their revenue will be affected by this. So the […]

How to Bulk Generate and Schedule Gift Cards in WooCommerce

Now, most people are choosing gift cards as the perfect gift option. These are easy to find and buy and most importantly they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Anybody can buy gift cards as most shops let customers choose a gift card of the denomination they like. Thus selling gift cards would be […]

How to Use URL Coupons to Improve Sales in Your WooCommerce Store

Have you ever wondered why some of your coupon campaigns despite offering great deals fail to capture the attention that it deserves? You have done everything right and even a lot of people turned up for the campaign. But when it comes to the number of people who actually redeemed those coupons, you feel like […]

How to Create Coupons in Bulk in WooCommerce

Offering coupons is one of the best marketing strategies known to date. Then how about running a coupon campaign in your WooCommerce store? This sure is going to bring a huge number of sales to your store. Although it is one of the very best marketing ideas for stores, some store owners are refraining from […]

How to Create a QR Code Coupon in WooCommerce


QR (Quick Response) codes have been around here for a while. Although marketers took a bit longer to see its real value, product promotion based on QR codes is now being widely used by most big and small businesses all across the world. With such a huge rise in the number of smartphone users worldwide, […]

Automatically Apply Discount to the Cart With a Public Coupon URL

Automatically Apply Coupons to a Cart WIth a Public Coupons URL - featured image

The e-commerce world is growing day by day, new online stores are sprouting up everywhere and the competition has become so intense that these stores are in constant need of changing their marketing strategies from time to time. Out of a number of promotional options, discount coupons are found to be the real people puller. […]