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How to batch print packing slips for WooCommerce orders

What is packing slip and its importance in your business? A packing slip is a list of what is included in a shipment, and lists each item included in a package. Packing slip is the first document that your customer sees when opening their package. So you can use this document to engage with your […]

How to bulk generate coupons in WooCommerce

We know that the inbuilt coupon setup in WooCommerce doesn’t have provision to bulk generate coupons. Therefore, we will need to have a coupon extension to provide this functionality. WebToffee’s Smart coupon for WooCommerce can efficiently generate coupons in bulk for your store very easily. The plugin generates coupons and add it to your store, […]

WooCommerce Order Emails: Change the Style of the Order Items

You may have set up a professional looking website to sell your products. Your product page and checkout page may have outstanding features.  But, what if your customers are receiving a totally generic order email that doesn’t match the style of your shop? Then you can’t impress your customers. Customizing the content of your emails, […]

How to send customer invoice on paid order in woocommerce instead of processing order email?

When you have an eCommerce store it is important to keep quality in every aspect you deal with and to keep track of your inventory. Maintaining everything documented is the best way to accomplish this. Invoice is a very important document that cannot be ignored. WooCommerce is flexible to extend functionalities according to the user’s […]

How to delete products in bulk via CSV in WooCommerce

Sometimes you will want to delete your products in bulk. . The most common method to achieve this is by selecting all the products you want to delete from the Products page and then perform the bulk action by moving products  to trash. But if you have hundreds of products to delete, the above mentioned […]

How to add payment method in WooCommerce invoice

To have all the relevant information embedded within the invoice is definitely helpful for the store owner as well as for the customer. Mentioning payment methods in the invoice is a good practice to avoid any disputes in future regarding payment. To make subsequent followups on returns, refunds etc,  it is essential to know the […]

How to give Store Credits in WooCommerce

Store Credit is something worth having in your WooCommerce store to facilitate extended coupon functionality. Apparently, in this era where everything has turned digital, store credit can be thought of a better gifting option for your loved ones. In fact, you could also offer store credit as a refund for a returned order without actually […]

How to show all available coupons in woocommerce account

Displaying all the coupons for a customer in woocommerce will help them to identify the available discounts applicable for them very easily.  So whenever a customer purchases he doesn’t have to search for the coupon codes in all possible pages to redeem them. Unfortunately, this wasn’t built into WooCommerce by default. . You can easily […]

How to add order/product metadata in WooCommerce invoice

An e-commerce platform may vary in different domain. Subsequently, the requirement of a store owner also changes. When it comes to the invoice and other shipping documents, each domain may require to have their own specific data embedded in them. To include additional custom data into the WooCommerce documents is definitely an added advantage for […]

How to export WooCommerce orders of specific customers

While migrating a store, often you may want to export orders and its constituent details. We are familiar with plugins offering complete export or orders and all its details. What if we want to export orders of particular customers only? We may require plugin which facilitate customised exports. Order coupon subscriptions Import Export is an […]