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How to apply coupons automatically in WooCommerce

Imagine this, you are purchasing something from a store and a coupon redeemed automatically, without any effort. How happy you will be as a customer?  Sometimes redeeming coupons can be a complicated process. Customers may have to enter coupon code every time if there is an error during checkout.  But what if there is no […]

How to attach custom PDF invoice with WooCommerce order e-mail

We know that WooCommerce sends order confirmation email on placing every successful order. What if we can attach the PDF version of the invoice along with it? Let’s see how it can be achieved by the help of a simple WooCommerce invoice plugin by Web Toffee. Invoice is a document which lists out the details […]

How to add logo in WooCommerce PDF Invoices

Brand value is one of the factor which promotes businesses. Store managers and marketers will never miss an opportunity to showcase their brand and tags wherever necessary. Here comes the significance of having the company logo, name or related tags in the different document types of your store. With the WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing […]

How to customise an invoice in WooCommerce

Be it anything, people are always impressed with the look and feel of it. In fact, when it comes to various WooCommerce document types, store owners cannot compromise on its appearance. The store owner may want to include different types of information in the invoice depending upon his business needs. Similarly, the customer would also […]

How to Import Coupons into WooCommerce

Moving to a new WooCommerce store or updating your coupon data in bulk? Whatever your reasons are for importing coupons into your store, a helping hand is much needed. As most of you already know, the default WooCommerce functionality alone is not capable of giving you the assistance you need in carrying out these tasks. […]

How to send coupons to multiple email addresses

Everyone knows that coupons play a significant role in marketing… But why do we need email coupons? How do we send coupons to multiple email addresses? In this article we are going to answer these two questions.  Why do we need email coupons? Email coupons are deals or gifts that are sent to your customers […]

How to create custom invoice number in WooCommerce

It’s likely that store owners may prefer to have a customised invoice number for their invoices. Their requirement may vary from having an appended date format to having a predefined invoice length etc. However, with the WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery notes and Shipping Label plugin you can achieve this very easily.  The plugin […]

How to Set up Quantity Based Discount Rules in WooCommerce

Quantity based discounts are good marketing and store promotion strategies to increase your sales across your store. It enables sellers to increase their units per transaction, lower their inventories and potentially reduce per-unit costs. An interesting thing is that you can empty your stocks within a short period of time by making proper use of […]

How to Create Coupons for Returning Customers in WooCommerce

Returning customers are one of the biggest components of a growing WooCommerce store. They are capable of bringing in more revenue than your brand new customers could. But these customers don’t just come your way for making repeated purchases, they need a reason to do so. The reason could be anything from your product quality, […]