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Changelog – WooCommerce Shipping labels, Dispatch labels and Delivery notes plugin

v1.4.0 – Released on 14 March 2024

  • [Fix] – Resolved the error message “Uncaught Error: Interface” that occurred upon activating the plugin
  • [Enhancement] – Updated the license manager with EDD updater functionality
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.6.1

v1.3.0 – Released on 13 February 2024

  • [Tweak] – Hide the shipping address if it is empty
  • [Tweak] – Hide the shipping address if order has the only local pickup as the shipping option
  • [Enhancement] – WooCommerce Checkout block compatibility – Custom fields
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.5.2

v1.2.0 – Released on 17 January 2024

  • [Enhancement] – Added a filter to sort the category names when the group by category option is checked in the delivery note settings page
  • [Enhancement] – Filter to alter the print document button label in the email, my account order listing, and my account order details page
  • [Enhancement] – Sync the Address format in the document with the WC formatted address
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.5.1

v1.1.0 – Released on 11 December 2023

  • [Fix] – Remove str_contains() to avoid the PHP lower version error
  • [Tweak] – Templates of shipping labels, dispatch labels, and delivery notes are improved
  • [Tweak] – Display the value of the checkout field added using this plugin on the order details page
  • [Tweak] – Weight – Hide if it is 0 or not available
  • [Enhancement] – Multi-language compatibility
  • [Enhancement] – Option to skip to print the virtual items and back order items on delivery notes and shipping labels
  • [Enhancement] – Display YITH gift card details on the dispatch label when applied to the order
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.3.1

v1.0.6 – Released on 14 November 2023

  • [Fix] – Tax classes placeholder was shown even if there is no tax applied on the order
  • [Add] – Added an option to show the vendor address on the vendor’s order documents if the dokan multi vendor plugin is active
  • [Add] – Added an option to set the custom return address on the dispatch label document
  • [Enhancement] – Showed the deleted/imported products on the documents
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.2.2
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WordPress v6.4.1

v1.0.5 – Released on 21 September 2023

  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WordPress v6.3.1
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v8.1.1

v1.0.4 – Released on 06 September 2023

  • [Fix] – The value for order meta was not showing on the documents when the ACF plugin was active
  • [Fix] – Compatibility fatal error with the Kadence email customizer plugin
  • [Fix] – Value not displayed when adding product meta as a separate column in the product table using the customizer add-on
  • [Fix] – Plugin update check through the license manager
  • [Fix] – Show the value for the regular price and regular total price column in the delivery note and dispatch label when working with the customizer add-on
  • [Tweak] – Added the support to show the value for the discount price column added through the customizer add-on
  • [Enhancement] – The user can add product attributes as a separate column in the product table using the customizer add-on
  • [Enhancement] – Improved the translation
  • [Compatibility] – Tested okay with the customizer add-on v1.0.1
  • [Compatibility] – Tested okay with WordPress v6.3.1
  • [Compatibility] – Tested okay with WooCommerce v8.0.3

v1.0.3 – Released on 07 July 2023

  • [Tweak] – Added Save and Activate button in the Shipping label, Dispatch label, and Delivery note customizer
  • [Tweak] – Added customer note, VAT, and SSN as separate placeholders in the templates
  • [Enhancement] – Optimized loading time when bulk printing the documents
  • [Enhancement] – Icons to identify whether a shipping label or dispatch label or delivery note is already printed or downloaded
  • [Enhancement] – Added compatibility with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) Table feature
  • [Enhancement] – Moved the default order meta fields such as email, phone number, customer note, VAT, and SSN from the Settings page to the Customizer
  • [Enhancement] – Added compatibility with Customizer for WooCommerce PDF Invoices add-on (Pro) by WebToffee
  • [Compatibility] – Tested OK with WooCommerce v7.8.2

v1.0.2 – Released on 08 March 2023

  • [Fix] – Unable to hide/delete the tax items column from the product table in dispatch label premium templates
  • [Tweak] – Notify the user when using the basic template in the pro-add-on or when using the premium template in the basic plugin
  • [Compatibility] – Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.4.1

v1.0.1 – Released on 01 February 2023

  • [Fix] – SKU Based sorting was not working properly when SKUs are numerical order
  • [Tweak] – Added the validation rules for the number fields in the shipping label settings page
  • [Tweak] – Set the minimum value for the number field to 1 in the shipping label settings page
  • [Enhancement] – Added an option to send an attachment of pdf delivery note for order of chosen status
  • [Compatibility] – Added the compatibility with the print node add-on from v1.0.4
  • [Compatibility] – with WC v7.3.0

v1.0.0 – Released on 28 December 2022

  • Initial release