How to change the default template of the WooCommerce emails for free? 

How to change the default template of the WooCommerce emails for free? 

WooCommerce emails are the most relevant point of contact between customers and the store once an order is placed. Also, since the email contains data relevant to the previous transaction the possibility of customers opening the email is much higher compared to other marketing emails. This is a solid enough encouragement for making your WooCommerce email templates attractive and appropriate for your store.

Even though emphasis should be placed on the content of the email, the design and the look of these emails should not be neglected. Changing the template of the email is a great way to make the emails more eye-catching.

You can change email templates, fully optimize the email elements, and even change the texts of the default WooCommerce emails with the free WooCommerce email template customizer plugin from WebToffee. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Decorator WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

Decorator, as mentioned earlier, is a WooCommerce email customization plugin from WebToffee. The plugin lets you configure the content as well as change the design of your WooCommerce email.

One of the peculiar features of the plugin is the built-in email templates. These pre-built templates can be used to completely change the layout of your WooCommerce emails. In addition to this, the plugin also offers several other customization options to personalize the feel of the email as well as its content.

The free WooCommerce email customization plugin also facilitates, scheduling the email customization publishing, sending out test emails to selected recipients, changing the design of all WooCommerce email types in a single click, and more.

Let’s see how you can change the WooCommerce email template with the Decorator plugin.

How to customize the WooCommerce email templates?

The default WooCommerce emails follow a standard email template. Moreover, WooCommerce only offers limited customizations on these templates. So a third-party plugin provider is your best chance to get more configurations.

To change the WooCommerce email template using Decorator,

  1. Log into your WooCommerce admin account.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Decorator WooCommerce Email Customizer.
  3. Locate the plugin and click on Install Now and then on Activate.
  4. Head on to WooCommerce > Decorator.
  5. Select the email type for which the template should be changed at the Email type drop-down. For example, if you only want to change the template of the Invoice email, choose the mail type ‘Customer Invoices’.
  6. Choose the order that you want in the Choose order drop-down window. That is if you select mockup order – the email preview changes to that of a mock order. However, if you want to know how this will look on any of your previous orders, choose it from the drop-down.
  7. Click on the Prebuilt Templates option.
  8. You will be able to see the available templates there. Click on the Load template icon corresponding to the template that you want for your email.
  9. Now, click on Publish to change your WooCommerce email template.
change the WooCommerce default template

How to customize the WooCommerce email content to suit the template?

In addition to the WooCommerce email template, the WooCommerce email content can also be changed using the Decorator plugin.

The Email text option in the decorator enables you to change your email content.

To change the email content,

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Decorator.
  2. Choose the Email type for which you want to change the text.
  3. Click on Email text icon on the menu bar on the left.
  4. You will have several text customization options here. Note that the options will change with different email types. For example, with the new order email, you will have options to add subject text, heading text, subtitle text, body text, and additional content.
  5. You can make use of the Shortcodes provided in the section in any of the text boxes. Shortcodes in a text would dynamically populate the required content in the email based on the user and order data. For example, adding the shortcode {customer_username} in the email body adds the username of individual users in the corresponding emails.
  6. Click on Publish to make the changes public.
Customizing email text

Other possible design customizations

The decorator WooCommerce customizer plugin can also be used to change the personalize the style of the order items, including

  • Data container
  • Header style, heading image, headings, and subtitles
  • Footer style, footer image, and social links in the footer
  • Text style, order items, order addresses, and button styles

You can also add custom CSS codes to the plugin at Others > Custom styles to manually personalize the plugin with custom codes.

You may also brand these order emails by adding the brand name and logo to the WooCommerce transaction emails.

How to schedule the publishing of the updated email template?

The email templates loaded using the Decorator plugin can be either published directly or scheduled to be published later.

With the schedule option, you can specify the date and time at which the changes should be updated. Any emails sent on or after that time will contain the changes that you have configured.

To schedule publishing, tap on the drop-down icon corresponding to Publish and click on Schedule. This will open up a pop-up asking you to enter the date and time.

scheduling WooCommerce email template publish

In addition to instantaneously publishing or scheduling, you may also save the changes that you made as a draft. You may come back at any point in time to publish this draft.

How to send test emails?

One of the other interesting features of the Decorator plugin is the ability to send test emails. The test emails help you understand how the customized email will appear in the mail inbox. This could help you understand, to an extent, how your customer would perceive such mail. Based on this analysis, you can then make the necessary changes such as editing the subject line, etc., to make the email most received.

The test emails can be sent to multiple recipients with this WooCommerce email customizer plugin. To do this, click on the drop-down next to Test email and enter the recipient email addresses. In the case of multiple recipients, use commas to separate the IDs. Then click on Test email to send the emails.

sending test emails


Customizing WooCommerce email templates is not a difficult, time-consuming, or financially draining process. It is simple, easy to set up, and can have a positive impact on your brand image. So not utilizing the full potential of customizing WooCommerce email templates might not be the ideal stand for your company or brand.

The Decorator email template customizer for WooCommerce plugin lets you customize your emails, change the email template, schedule the publish, and even send test emails for free.

Check the plugin out and change your WooCommerce email templates in just a matter of clicks.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Did you find it to be informative? Do let us know, thanks for your time!

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