How to Customize WooCommerce Invoice Email

How to Customize WooCommerce Invoice Email

WooCommerce provides you multiple options for customizing your invoice template. Using these options you can add a header image, custom footer, background, and text color, etc. You can put all these options into practice and create an attractive invoice email template for your store.

Customizing WooCommerce Invoice Email

email template

The page has been divided into three sections. Email notifications, email sender options, email template. Email Template section is where you need to work on.

Let’s go through each of the customizing options available in WooCommerce.

  • Header Image – Here you can enter the URL to an image you want to show in the email header. Upload images using the media uploader (Admin>Media). In the above screenshot, no header image is given.
  • Footer Text – The text to appear in the footer of the WooCommerce email templates. The default footer text will be the title of the site.
  • Base color – Enter the base color value for the WooCommerce email templates.
  • Background color – The value of background color for the WooCommerce email templates.
  • Body background color – The main body background color value.
  • Body Text color – The main body text color.

WooCommerce also provides you the option to preview your custom email template by clicking on the link click here to preview your email template.

The preview of an email template is given below. Now click Save Changes.

email template html

Although WooCommerce provides several options for customization. Customization options are limited. You will not be able to add additional fields, company logo, signature etc. on the invoice by this mode of customization. If you wish to customize your email template using these additional features you should install a plugin in your store and the best WooCommerce plugin available is WebToffee’s PDF Invoice & Packing Slip plugin for WooCommerce. Download the plugin and install it on your website and customize the template to your choice.

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