How To Create Custom Request a Quote Form in WooCommerce

How To Create Custom Request a Quote Form in WooCommerce

Some quote form in WooCommerce allows the customer to submit a basic inquiry like contact information and request the price of products or services. But that’s not enough to finalize the business quotation.

In the WordPress platform, the store owner can build the customized quote form field from the backend. It will be helpful to ask for any relevant information from buyers. You can include advanced quote information like selecting business types, choosing product/service categories, document attachments, payment terms, scheduling time for calling, and more.

The custom request quote form in WooCommerce provides a better business model outline for cost adjustment & increases customer satisfaction. 

In this post, you will learn how to create an effective custom quote form effortlessly in the WooCommerce store.

Let’s get started.

How To Create the Custom Form Using the Best WooCommerce Quote Plugin?

To build an efficient request quote form, you need to download and install the premium plugin WebToffee’s WooCommerce Request a Quote. Only then you will be able to add the required custom field inside the quote form. 

You can also check out the complete guide to creating the quote form page for the WooCommerce store.

Once you are done with the building WooCommerce quotation form, follow the below step-by-step instructions to add any custom field.

1. Go to Quotes > Click on “Quote Settings.” You will be diverted to the “Request quote page” tab.

WooCommerce request a quote page

2. Below the quote page settings, there’s a section to edit the form.

WooCommerce quote form settings

Using the form settings, you can edit numerous options like form fields, add reCAPTCHA, autocomplete form activation, and user registration preference for completing the form.

3. Here, you will learn how to add a new field in the request a quote form.

WooCommerce quote form fields

The Name, Email, Phone, and Message are in default mode. Which means it’s a pre-defined field. You can edit these fields to change the label, change the text inside the placeholder, create a connection to billing & shipping to auto-fill required data and build 9+ fields in one place.

Note: There is an option to hide the default phone and message text fields. But you can’t change the field type for the pre-defined form field.

unchangeable WooCommerce field type

Best Examples To Understand Custom Quote Forms in WooCommerce

Example 1:

Here you will see a basic example of how to create a custom field in quote form for the document attached.

Step 1: Click on “Add Fields” and choose the field type.

click on add field to create new WooCommerce custom quote field
Choose WooCommerce quote form field type

Step 2: Provide the label detail for the document attached.

Enter the WooCommerce quote form field name

Step 3: Enter the file support format like docs, pdf, png, and more.

enter WooCommerce file format

Step 4: You can check into the mandatory field to make this section compulsory. Customers can submit the form only after entering the completing this field.

enable mandatory field for custom WooCommerce quote form

Step 5: At last click on the “Add” button to include the field and tap on “Update Settings” to save changes.

click on add button to create new field in quote form

You can visit your online store to see your result.

sample document attached quote form

Example 2:

Imagine your store providing service or selling products to retail, wholesale, or large-scale industries. Along with the negotiation conversation, huge numbers of pricing requests will occur. Using a simple quote format it’s quite difficult to understand your client’s needs. In the below example, I have demonstrated how to create a suitable quote form that covers the store’s required data.

Step 1: Same as in Example 1, click on the “Add Field” to begin the quote field creation process.

Step 2: Let’s create an option for the negotiation field.

Choose field type > radio button

Enter the Label > “Ask for negotiation?”

List the options > “Yes” & “No”

Click on “Add” to create the new field.

create WooCommerce negotiation field

Created negotiation field will appear as illustrated below.

WooCommerce negotiation button for quote form

Step 3: You can create a dropdown list as shown below.

Field type > Choose “Dropdown”

Label > Enter “Business Types”

Options > Add fields like “Retail,” “Wholesales,” or “Large-scale business”

Here we are going to make this field mandatory.

Click on the “Add” button to create the dropdown field.

create WooCommerce dropdown field for quote form

A dropdown field will appear on the request page as shown below.

WooCommerce dropdown field for quote form

Step 4: Let’s see how to create a description box on the quote form page.

Field type > Select the “Text area”

Label > Enter “Description”

Placeholder > Provide what text you want to appear inside the description box. Here let’s choose “Enter your text”

Click on the “Add” button to create the description box.

create woocommerce description box for quote form

The description box will be shown on the quote page as illustrated below.

WooCommerce description box for quote form

Example 3:

In this section, you will learn how to add additional fields like categories checkbox list, time, and agreement checkbox. These options will help the storeowner to offer quotes clearly for clients. Understand the best time to reach the clients and more. You can add each field as illustrated below. Let’s see how it’s done.

WooCommerce multi checkbox for quote form
create time section for quote form in WooCommerce
create checkbox field for quote form in WooCommerce

Lastly, after creating numerous fields, click on the “Update settings” to save the changes. Visit the online store to see the updated feature.

Here’s a compiled version of the above examples – WooCommerce requests for a quote page.

example for WooCommerce custom quote form

Key Functionality To Alter the Existing Quote Form in WooCommerce

Most store owners prefer ready-to-use quote forms instead of creating one from scratch. It saves a lot of time to focus on productivity. In this section, you will see how the request a quote plugin is easily editable and see the instant result.

how to customize quote form in WooCommerce
  1. When you hover the cursor over this icon, the pointer cursor will turn to four directions arrow. That will allow you to drag and drop each field upside or downwards. You can change the position easily. You can view the result as you’ve made the modification.
  2. The eye icon indicates the visibility of the specific field. You can click on it to hide a particular field.
  3. This option is used to edit the created field. You can update the field or add a new option as the store required.
  4. This basket icon option is for deleting the selected field.

Why Should You Use a Personalized Quote Form in WooCommerce?

A request quote form is an inquiry section where the store owner can gather the required information from the customers. If you are running a custom shop then probably you will have a lot of questions to ask your customers. 

In that case, it’s better to add more personalized fields in quote form as needed. That will help you to compile all prerequisite information to conclude the best quote for WooCommerce customers.

Avoid phone calls and texting, automate the quote process with custom fields & make the requesting quote process more convenient for shoppers. It will allow you to capture more leads and improve conversions.

There are a few more benefits to using a customizable request quote form as shown below.

  • It will make sure that you and your customers are on the same page.
  • It generates a clear outline to understand the fundamental demands of buyers.
  • A custom quote form allows you to collect numerous pricing feedback from your customer. Consequently, you can build a better pricing strategy for your online store.
  • It’s easier to handle stock management and maintain records in the backend. You can shortlist the mandated record later for taxation or deals approach.


The custom quote form is a great addition to your WooCommerce store. As you can add any new quote field as the customer needs. It makes your store stand out from the rest.

With the help of WebToffee’s WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin, you will able to offer all necessary quotation approaches including –

  • Allowing customers to request prices.
  • Follow the status of their quotations.
  • Build a separate request quote page.
  • Create a customized quote form.
  • Allowing the admin to manage quotes from the backend, and more.

This quote form diminishes the communication barrier between the store owner and the purchaser. It allows the customer to request pricing or negotiation without a fail. 

For more information, you can refer to the complete guide for building an online quote system for WooCommerce.