GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin (CCPA Ready)

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The Fastest Growing WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Making your journey to compliance with GDPR and CCPA easier with powerful features

GDPR Cookie Consent plugin customizable banner icon

Fully Customizable Banner

Every banner layout is fully customizable to match the theme of your website. The plugin also comes with pre-styled and pre-built templates to choose from.

Automatic cookie scan icon

Automatic Cookie Scan

Automatically scan the cookies used on the website and add the cookies to the cookie list. Show the cookies list on your website using a simple shortcode.

automatic script blocking icon

Automatic Script Blocking

Automatically blocks the scripts of third-party cookies until the visitor consent. The admin can decide the third-parties that are blocked prior consent.

cookie policy generator

Cookie Policy Generator

Cookie Policy Generator gives a template for the cookie policy of the website that can be used to help visitors get details of the use of cookies.

location based consent icon

GeoIP Based Consent

Configure the GDPR cookie banner to be shown only to the visitors of the EU based on their IP address. The cookies will be blocked only for EU visitors.

manage cookie list icon

Manage Cookie List

Cookies on the website are identified and added to the cookie list automatically. The cookies are categorized into different categories based on the purpose.

granular control for cookies icon

Granular control for Cookies

Allow users to give consent for only selected cookies based on their category. You can enable the users to give consent to a certain category of cookies.

Cookie banner consent log icon

Keep a Consent Log

Keep a log of all the visitors’ consent and its details like cookies consented to, timestamp, anonymized IP of the user, etc. export the log to a CSV file when needed.

multilingual website icon

Supports Multilingual Websites

Support multilingual websites with 10 languages out-of-the-box and is compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang, and qTranslate.

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