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Managing Coupons and Offers made easy and effective

Create smarter marketing campaigns with smart coupons using its powerful set features and functionalities.

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Advanced Coupon Rules

Configure different coupons and offers with the advanced coupon rules that can only be applied if certain conditions are met at purchase.

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Variety of Offers & Discounts

Use different combinations of the coupon features and restrictions to create a variety of offers and discount options to maximize the sales in your store.

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Behavior-based Coupon Creation

Create coupons based on customer behavior that will increase the chances of converting and keep the customers returning.

BOGO offers icon

BOGO Offers

Create a Buy one get one offer with any products on your store or products in any category and reward the customers with two for the price of one.

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Store Credits

Allow the users to purchase store credit that they can use for later purchase or gift it to their loved ones or store credits in place of refunds.

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Gift Coupons in attractive designs

Allow the customers to purchase gift coupons that they themselves can use or gift them to their friends via email with attractive gift card designs.

Count down discount sales banner icon

Count Down Discount Sales Banner

Create a FOMO effect and a sense of urgency in your customers to make the purchase as soon as possible by adding a countdown timer banner.

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Email store credits/coupons

The customers can send store credits or gift coupons from the store straight to the recipient’s inbox by simply entering the email address.

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Bulk Coupon Generation

Create thousands of coupons all at once and add them to the store. Email the coupons generated to your selected customers or export them to a CSV file.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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