How to easily set up WooCommerce test mode in your store

How to easily set up WooCommerce test mode in your store

Establishing a website or online store to sell items has a number of benefits, including the simplicity of receiving payments via online transactions. Both sellers and customers benefit from these transactions because they are safe and convenient.

Customers must first place an order for a product in order for the procedure to work properly. As a result, you must also guarantee that any orders placed on your WooCommerce store are successfully fulfilled. If this fails, you risk not just losing your customers’ trust but possibly risking legal action.

But how do you know if the checkout procedure is functioning properly? Have potential customers had any problems making a purchase? To test your website and keep potential customers, use WooCommerce test mode.

In this article, we will show you how to set up WooCommerce Test Mode to help you enhance your online business.

Advantages of Using WooCommerce Test Mode

Automated testing is a generally accepted best practice in software development, but its importance is frequently overlooked, making it difficult for individual engineers to grasp and appreciate its significance. This section will illustrate when and how testing is advantageous, as well as what those benefits are, as evidenced by research.

WooCommerce borrows inspiration from the WordPress testing documents in order to harmonize with the larger community and ecosystem, but it also customizes this guidance to WooCommerce’s goal of providing a high-quality merchant experience.

Easily set up WooCommerce test mode in your store

Every shop owner or eCommerce manager will need to test that their store is functioning properly at some point. It is critical that you test your checkout process on a frequent basis to guarantee that there are no problems or faults that prohibit your customers from purchasing. By default, WooCommerce has the function to check the Test mode by using the free WooCommerce Stripe extension.

The majority of WooCommerce stores use Stripe, which links to WooCommerce via the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin.

Set Stripe to test mode before placing a WooCommerce test order by adding a product to the cart and completing the checkout process as usual. Make sure your Stripe test API keys are configured in your Stripe settings ahead of time.

Step 1: Putting your WooCommerce store into test mode

Stripe’s built-in test mode makes it simple to place test orders. Enabling test mode allows you to make purchases in your store without spending any money.

It simulates the live checkout procedure while utilizing dummy card data, so no money is deducted.

To enable testing mode, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Stripe.

Enable Stripe WooCommerce test mode

Select the ‘Enable Test Mode‘ option. The next step is copying and pasting your Stripe account’s test publishable and secret keys by clicking on the Edit Account keys button.
Then, copy and paste the new Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key into your WooCommerce Stripe settings. From the drop-down box, select the “Save Changes” button.

Step 2: Finding your test publishable and secret keys

Log into your Stripe business account and select Developers from the left-hand navigation menu.

API test keys

Developers > API keys are accessible via the menu. In the upper right corner, toggle the test mode or live mode access button.

Your account will contain two sets of API keys: Live and Test. To access both, click the toggle switch in the left menu. From the drop-down box, choose “View Test Data.” The test key must be called ‘test text.’

Copy and paste the test key token of your Stripe account keys into the relevant WooCommerce field. Keep the test mode enabled and click Save.

Step 3: Sending a test order

testing stripe card checkout

Now comes the easy part. Add something to your shopping cart and go to the checkout page as if you were a customer. You should see your checkout page as usual, with a few minor adjustments.

The Stripe checkout box should indicate that it is in test mode and request you to enter the test card number – 4242424242424242. You can use any expiration date beginning with the current date, as well as any security code.

If the settings are accurate, you have just made a test payment. Once the order has been confirmed, the transaction will be executed.

Step 4: Test credit cards for different payment processors

credit card generator for testing

Because the test card is only valid for use with Stripe, it is still required to test alternative payment gateways, such as PayPal. This is achieved by employing dummy credit card numbers or a Credit Card Number Generator.

Credit card numbers and sandbox/test mode choices are provided below for testing purposes. Some of the most prominent WooCommerce payment processors have supplied these.

Two More Excellent WooCommerce Test Mode Plugins

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe plugin for WooCommerce

Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows you to accept Stripe payments in WooCommerce. Accept credit and debit card payments, as well as AliPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other methods.

Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce includes the following features:

  • Customers can save their credit card information.
  • Accept SEPA, Afterpay/clearpay, WeChat Pay, Klarna, Sofort, and iDEAL payments.
  • Provides a dashboard for reviewing transactions.
  • Allows for full and partial returns
  • Customers should receive email receipts automatically after payment.

To access the advanced features of the WooCommerce Stripe gateway, you can install and activate the premium version of this plugin.

Also, you can refer to the article If you are looking for how to set up stripe checkout for your WooCommerce store using the WooCommerce stripe payment gateway.

PayPal Express Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce

Paypal express checkout payment gateway for woocommerce

WebToffee PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is similar to the Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce, but it works with PayPal instead of Stripe. It enables users of WooCommerce to integrate PayPal Express Checkout/PayPal Smart Checkout with their websites.

WebToffee PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce includes the following features:

  • Customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal Credit, Pay later offers, and PayPal money.
  • PayPal smart button lets clients make payments using the chosen payment methods in their country/region, which are automatically identified by PayPal Supports.
  • PayPal’s Alternative Payment Method, allows customers to pay using their bank accounts, wallets, or other local payment methods.
  • Intelligent checkout button personalization.

By installing and activating the premium version of this plugin, you will have access to the advanced features of the WooCommerce PayPal plugin.

If you would like to know how to set up PayPal checkout on your WooCommerce store using PayPal express checkout plugin, refer to this article.

Wrap Up

The most popular e-Commerce plugin is WooCommerce, but it is only as good as you make it. You will be able to sell to the best of your ability if you continue to test your WooCommerce shop to ensure that everything is working properly.

Additionally, we urge you to read how to enable smart checkout in WooCommerce, which offers valuable suggestions for smart people just like you.

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