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Email notifications for Subscriptions

WebToffee Subscriptions for Woocommerce plugin notifies the customer and/or store managers with different emails on specific subscription-related events. You can customize, enable or disable, and configure recipients for subscription-related emails. To customize subscription emails, go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. 


The following emails are included with WooCommerce Subscriptions:

  • Completed Renewal Order: When a subscription renewal order is marked complete a renewal order completed an email is sent to the customer and usually indicates that the item for that renewal period has been shipped.
  • Processing Renewal order: This order notification is sent to the customers after payment for the subscription renewal order is completed. This email contains the renewal order details.
  • Customer Renewal Invoice: Sent to a customer when the subscription is due for renewal and the renewal requires a manual payment, either because it uses manual renewals or the automatic recurring payment failed for the initial attempt and all automatic retries (if any). The email contains renewal order information and payment links.
  • Cancelled Subscription: Cancelled Subscription emails are sent when a customer’s subscription is canceled (either by a shop manager or by the customer).
  • Suspended Subscription: Suspended Subscription emails are sent when a customer’s subscription is suspended (either by a shop manager or by the customer).
  • Expired Subscription: Expired Subscription emails are sent when a customer’s subscription expires(on the day of expiry as per the set subscription period).
  • Activated Subscription: This notification is sent to the customer soon after a subscription is activated, following a successful parent or renewal order. It contains the subscription details.
  • Subscription renewal intimation: This notification is sent to the customer as an intimation for the next renewal, two days prior to the renewal date.
  • Subscription renewal reminder: The subscription renewal reminder emails are sent for those subscriptions managed via a manual repayment method. It contains the order details prompting the customer to use the pay now option against the related order within the subscription to renew the same. It is usually notified two days prior to the renewal date.
    Note: The subscription renewal intimation and reminder notifications are sent only for subscriptions having a recurrence of at least two or more days.
  • Subscription payment method updated: This notification is sent when the subscription payment method is updated. It contains the updated subscription details.

For detailed information on email settings, refer to Configuring Woocommerce Emails.

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