How to Export Customer List from a WooCommerce Shop

How to Export Customer List from a WooCommerce Shop

Exporting customers in a WooCommerce shop needs to be done in many different situations.

This article will ponder into what they are and how you can handle such situations effectively without putting in much effort.

When do you need to export customers from your shop

  • You need to assemble all the customer data at one place to make contact with them offline.
  • To update your customer data in bulk.
  • For migrating from your old site to a new one.
  • You creatting another site and wants to dupilcate customers from your exisitng sites.

Now that you are clear about the different situations you will need to export the data, it’s time to find the right solution to help you with it.

WordPress Users and WooCmmerce Customers Import Export Plugin is one of the best free plugins suitable for the task. Here is how the plugin helps you do it.

Steps to Export the Customer List from WooCommerce

The first thing you need to do to export the customer list is to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website.

After the plugin activation, go to the dashboard and navigate to WebToffee Import Export.

Step 1 : Select the export type as ‘user/customer’

Select the post type to be ‘user/customer’.

Choose the type of data to be exported
Choose export type

Step 2: Select ‘Customer’ from user roles

You can also export customers based on their email and registration date.

Add filters to export customers

Step 3: Mapping

Here you can structure the headers for your exporting CSV file as you prefer using the drop-down. You can even change the header name however you want it.

Structuring csv headers before export

Step 4: Export

In this final step, you can configure the batch count to a lower value if your export fails due to a time-out issue.

Following is a screenshot of an exported CSV using the plugin.

Exported CSV
Exported CSV

Likewise, the plugin lets you import customers/users as well. You can simply import users by uploading the CSV file containing all the user/customer data that needs to import.

Export User(s) from Users Page

You can directly download the export file with all the fields. To do that, navigate to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Users. The Users page appears as shown below:

Dowload users from the WordPress Users page
WordPress Users page
  • To export Users, select them. From Bulk Action drop-down list, select Download as CSV and click Apply. All the information about selected User(s) gets auto-downloaded to CSV file.

If you need to export the customer list to FTP/SFTP on a scheduled basis, export metadata for customers, use XML format, or export guest customers, etc., then go for the premium version of the User/customer import export plugin.


Customer data is a real asset of your store and if used properly it can help you improve your store in many ways. I hope after going through this article you won’t find it hard to export customers list from your WooCommerce store.