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How to Export Orders with Specific Dates in WooCommerce

If you want to export the orders from your website, what you need to do is look for a plugin that gives you great control over the data that are being exported. The Order/ Coupon/ Subscription Export Plugin for WooCommerce helps you export orders based on a specific date, a specific date range, or particular order statuses and much more.

Exporting Orders With Specific Dates

To export the orders that belong to a specific date or a date range:

  1. Begin by, installing and activating the plugin.
  2. From the WP admin panel, navigate to the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Pro).
  3. Click on Export and specify the post type as Order.
  4. Select your export method as Advanced export to avail filter options and click on Step3. 
  5.  On reaching step 3, the following window will appear.
  6. Specify the Date From and Date To filters, to export orders within a specific date range.
  7. Click on Step4 and follow the steps in How to export orders to finish.
Sample of exported order csv within the specified date range

Refer How to Filter WooCommerce Order Export by Ordered Products to know more about the filter options.

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