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How to Export User Emails from WordPress

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export plugin facilitates the import and export of users effortlessly. The steps to export user emails are as follows:

  • Navigate to WebToffee Import Export (Pro)> Export
  • Follow the steps in How to export users to export your site’s user data.
  • On reaching Step 3, you can specify the user emails to export information pertaining to only specified users under User Email. Default value is “All Users“.
  • Click on Step 4 to proceed.
  • On this screen, expand Default Fields and select the column “user-email“.WooCommerce-Import-Export-Users-Export-user-email-column
  • One can also change the column name if needed.
  • Click on Step 5 to proceed and export.

To get a detailed overview of how the users are exported, go to How to export users.

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