FAQ-WooCommerce PDF Invoice/Packing Slip

How to activate the plugin in multisite?

Please follow the below steps exactly as it is to activate the plugin in multisite.
  1. Deactivate WooCommerce network level
  2. Deactivate invoice plugin network level
  3. Go to the sub-site and activate both WooCommerce and invoice plugin in sites only
  4. Then, Go to the network admin page and activate WooCommerce while it is already active in subsites

Image missing/corrupted in PDF documents?

Please refer to the article to know how the issue can be resolved.

Can customer print their invoices from their My Accounts page?

Yes. You can enable the invoice printing option for customers under their my accounts page.

Unsupported characters in the PDF documents?

Our plugin supports two PDF rendering libraries namely domPDF(in-built library) and mPDF (add-on) . The add-on provides full compatibility with any RTL or Unicode languages (handle almost 12 RTL languages including most of the Asian languages). We advise you to install the add-on to get rid of the unsupported characters.

Getting error 'The link you followed has expired' when trying to install the plugin?

You are getting this error because the plugin zip size exceeds your WordPress upload limit. Try increasing the upload limit or extract the zip into the WP plugins directory.

Checkout time took longer than usual?

The PDF invoice will be generated for all orders as per the order status if respective options are enabled from settings. The checkout delay may be caused due to one or more reasons as stated below:
  1. Image related(PDF image/logo): PDF invoice generation with a large image may cause a delay in checkout. If the ‘PDF attach in the email’ option is enabled, please ensure that images used within the invoice are thumbnail(smaller) size.
  2. Bulk orders: If you have placed a bulk order, then generating a PDF invoice for bulk quantity may result in causing a delay in checkout. You can improve the server configuration to reduce the delay.
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