How to Add Coupons Based on Category in WooCommerce

How to Add Coupons Based on Category in WooCommerce

It’s always best to have a coupon system that lets you create all sorts of coupons having different usage restrictions. Availing coupons based on categories will benefit your store in multiple ways. But the only problem is that the default WooCommerce system doesn’t have a feature that supports this. This explains the need for a plugin to help you do this. Smart coupons for WooComerce is one of the best plugins to apply coupons based on categories. Using this plugin you can either include or exclude coupons from applying to chosen product categories. How Does This Plugin Do It? Let’s see how this plugin does this in three very simple steps. Prerequisite – Install and activate the said plugin and go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add coupon

Step 1: Choose the discount type and amount

It is not necessary to go with the Percentage discount type as shown in the above screenshot. You can choose any other discount type from the drop-down. You can fill in the rest of the fields as you wish.

Step 2: Configure Usage Restriction

This is where you need to configure categories that the coupon applies to and not.

  • Category condition – There are two options for category condition. If you choose Any the coupon will apply if a product that belongs to any of the categories that you have added in the Product categories field appears in the cart. But if you choose All, products from all the product categories listed should be present in the cart for the coupon to apply.
  • Product categories – Here you can add all the product categories you want the coupon to apply to.
  • Exclude categories – The categories you add in this field will be excluded from applying the coupon.

Now you may hit the Publish button to create the coupon.

Step 3 – Try the coupon in your store

As per what we have configured above, the coupon should apply when a product that belongs to the clothing category is added to the cart. Try adding a product from the excluded category to the cart and see what happens. The coupon didn’t apply as the product LED TV belongs to the electronics category that’s been excluded in the above example.


The feature of applying coupons based on categories has a great potential than you think of in improving your store sales and its growth. When you apply it with other features offered by the plugin, you can see a huge difference in your store’s sales. Hopefully, you were able to understand the steps involved in implementing this feature into your WooCommerce store.