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How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Coupons

How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Coupons

If you have been running your WooCommerce store for too long, it must contain a huge number of coupons in it. The higher the number, the larger the effort you have to put in to manage these coupons effectively and it takes up a lot of your time as well. But managing coupons in your store doesn’t have to be a hard task if you find the right solution to address this problem. If you haven’t found it yet, Order/Coupon/Subscription Import-export plugin is the solution you are gravely in need of. The plugin with its smart features lets you update and manage thousands of coupons in your store in very little time and with only minimal effort. If you want to learn how this plugin makes it possible for you, keep reading.

How Does This Plugin Work?

It is simply an import-export plugin that lets you import and export orders, coupons and subscriptions to and from your store. Since this article is focusing only on the management of coupons let’s stick to that part. The coupons that you need to update (it could be thousands of them!) are selected in bulk and using the export feature of the plugin exported to a CSV file. The CSV file can be used to quickly make changes to the coupon data. Once you are done applying the changes to these bulk of coupons, you can have them imported back into your store. As simple as that. You will get a better understanding of the whole process, once you see how it works step by step.

Bulk Coupon Update Explained in Simple Steps

You can follow the below steps to have your store’s coupons updated easily.

Step 1: Install and Activate the plugin

Once you purchase the plugin, you can have it installed in your WooCommerce store.

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce > Coupon Im-Ex

coupon Im-Ex naviagtion The plugin allows you two ways to export or select the coupon data that you need to update.

1) By using the export feature of the plugin

You can choose this method if you have lots and lots of coupons in your store that you need filters to find the coupons you need to update or manage. coupon export window Offset: Enter the row number of coupon list at which you wish to start the export. Limit: Enter the maximum number of coupons that you wish to export. Coupons Types: Choose a coupon discount type to export coupons that belongs to a specific discount type. Sort Columns: Enter the column name(s) by which you want to sort the CSV file. If you want to sort the products by more than one column name, enter Comma(‘,’) in between the column names. Coupon Amount: Specify the amount limits by using From Amount and To Amount spin boxes. Coupon Expiry Date: Select the date from which you want to export the coupons and the date till which you want to export the coupons. Delimiter: With this field, you can change the comma-separated file to ‘|’, ‘.” etc. separated file according to your requirement. Click Export Coupons, the CSV file gets auto-downloaded to your computer. Here is a sample of an exported coupon CSV file.

Exported CSV

2) Download Coupons as CSV from the Coupons Page

In this method, you can select the coupons that you need to update from the coupons page itself and apply the Download Coupon as CSV option from the bulk action. Now all the information about selected coupons gets auto-downloaded to CSV file. Coupons Page

Step 3: Bulk edit coupon data from the CSV file

In this step, you can add, delete, or modify the existing data as you wish before importing them back to your store. Whether you are using Excel, Google sheet or Numbers(for mac) for this purpose, they all provide shortcuts for making the bulk update as easy as possible.

Step 4: Import them back to your store

To do this click the import under coupon tab. coupon import window You can choose either of the methods to import the updated CSV back into your store. Update coupon if exists- Enable this checkbox to merge the updated coupon data with existing coupons. Finally, click the Upload file and import button to import the data into your store.


For those who are on the lookout for the simplest method to bulk update their coupon data, this plugin would be of great help. Even for someone having less technical expertise, will not have much trouble in pulling this off. I hope you will try and see how this plugin works for your store.