How to Create Coupons for Returning Customers in WooCommerce

How to Create Coupons for Returning Customers in WooCommerce

Returning customers are one of the biggest components of a growing WooCommerce store. They are capable of bringing in more revenue than your brand new customers could. But these customers don’t just come your way for making repeated purchases, they need a reason to do so. The reason could be anything from your product quality, low price ranges and customer support to the discounts you are offering for returning customers. But how is that possible? How can you create coupons/discounts that are specifically aimed at returning customers? That’s what this article will explore. By going through this piece of content you will get to learn the ways using which your store would be able to generate coupons for returning customers and keep them stay.

How WooCommerce Lets you Create Coupons for Returning Customers?

Actually, WooCommerce alone won’t be able to do that. It needs a plugin to help you configure such coupons in your WooCommerces store. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Plugin would be best at that. The plugin comes with a great user interface that enables you to create such coupons in just a few simple steps. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce offers you a bundle of powerful features that lets you create any sort of coupon that you want for your store. Whether you want to create coupons in bulk or based on categories, products, country, payment methods, etc., this plugin would be just awesome to help you create all of them. To offer coupons exclusively for returning customers and thus for ensuring customer retention, the plugin provides you with a feature called nth order purchase coupon. This feature enables you to create and allow coupons for your customers based on their past purchase history. That means you can configure your store’s coupon settings to allow coupons for any number of orders that customers make. Next order coupons are a popular way to lure customers back to your store. This coupon allows your store to bring back a customer who has made at least one purchase from your store. Similarly, you can create coupons for customers who have completed “n” number of purchases from your store, hence the name nth order purchase coupon. Let’s Get Started with the Smart Coupons Plugin Once you are past the installation and set up of the plugin you can follow the below steps to create an nth order coupon in your store. For example, let me show you how you can create a Purchase thrice and get a 30% discount off on your 4th order coupon in your WooCommerce store using this plugin. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add coupon

Step 1: Key in a suitable coupon code and description for the coupon

WooCommerce nth order coupon-Add new coupon panel

Step 2: Choose the discount type and enter the coupon amount

Coupon data-general

Step 3: Go to the Purchase history tab

WooCommerce nth order coupon-Purchase History Number of orders: Select the option ‘greater than or equal to‘ and select 4 from the counter as the coupon must be redeemable for the orders greater than or equal to four. Order Status: Select the order status as completed from the drop-down so that the coupon will be applied only to completed orders. If left blank, then the coupon will be made applicable to all the order statuses. Total Amount: Since the coupon must be applied to the fourth-order without considering any order amount, this field can be left empty. Exclude customers already awarded: Select this checkbox so that a customer can avail coupon only once. Similarly, you can design coupons for any nth order of your choice in a few easy steps.

Why Returning Customers are Important for Your Store

If you need reasons for why you should give importance to focusing on return customers for growing your business, here are some.

  • Return customers are easy targets for sales

If you are running a store you must have realized how easy it is to sell to your return customers rather than the new ones. Thus you need to revise your marketing strategy that gives importance to return customers as well.

  • They promote your business well

You get your business promoted well by returning customers. Their reviews, word-of-mouth promotion, etc., can improve your brand value to greater heights.

  • Return customers spend more money on your store

Having purchased previously from your store, returning customers would be better comfortable in spending more money in your store compared to your new customers. The trust they have built up from their previous purchases makes them go for pricey deals.

  • Getting new customers costs you more

To find new customers for your store you will have to spend a lot of money and effort in advertisements, promotions, etc., which is not needed in the case of returning customers.


Without any doubt returning customers is one of the main pillars of your business. Losing them could lose you a lot in terms of sales, revenue, brand value, and credibility, etc. Enabling coupons or discounts to return customers will certainly bring them back to your store and keep them hooked to it. I hope you will find this article helpful in providing your customers with discounts on their repeated purchases.