How to Create a Next Order Coupon in WooCommerce

How to Create a Next Order Coupon in WooCommerce

Retaining your existing customer base is more important than you think. You can secure a huge number of sales by doing so. But, if you are finding it hard to keep your customers coming back to your store, here is something you can try – offering next order coupons in your store.

These coupons persuade your existing customers to make more purchases from your store. This article has covered everything you need to know about the next order coupons like how it works, how you can enable it in your store and more.

How Does this Coupon Work in Your WooCommerce Store?

Next order coupons are coupons that solely gets applied to the cart of a customer who has made a previous purchase from the store. These advanced-level coupons are a very powerful way to ensure customer retention in your WooCommerce store.

You can get your customers notified about the coupon by sending it along with the order completion email of their previous purchase from your store. In addition to emails, you can use any other communication method to convey to your customers about the offer and make them redeem the coupon as fast as possible.

Using this coupon you can make sure that every customer who makes at least a single purchase from your store is best targeted for encouraging more purchases from your store.

You can make the next order coupon so tempting for your customers that it pushes them to make the next purchase faster in order to redeem the coupon. Think about how many more sales can you gain by simply enabling the next order coupon in your WooCommerce store.

If you want to try this coupon in your WooCommerce store, here is a smart solution to help you with it.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a great plugin with a simple and easy user interface to help you configure these coupons and do much more.

Once you install and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce store, you can follow the below steps to enable the next order coupons in it.

Configuring Next Order Coupons in Your Store

The plugin lets you configure next order coupons in your WooCommerce store by following two simple steps. Here they are.

Step 1: Name your coupon and choose a discount type and amount.

Go to WooCommerce > Coupons

You can add additional configuration to the coupon as you wish and move onto the Purchase history tab to configure first order coupon.

Step 2: Configuration of the next order coupon

Number of orders – To enable the next order coupon the customer must have made at least one purchase. Thus choose the number of orders equal to or greater than one from the drop-down.

Order status – Select the order status as completed from the drop-down so that the coupon will be applied only to completed orders. If left blank, then the coupon will be made applicable to all the order statuses.

Total amount – You may leave this field empty as this coupon doesn’t consider the order amount.

Exclude customers already awarded – You need to enable this checkbox to restrict the coupon from applying to customers who have already availed this coupon.

Now Publish the coupon.

Now your store is all set to offer next order coupons to your customers.

Simply availing next order coupons won’t help your store to take your customers back to your store. As I said earlier, they should be tempting enough to bring them back.

How to Increase the Redeemability of Next Order Coupons in Your Store

To increase the redeemability of next order coupons you can try the following techniques in your store with the help of the other excellent features offered by this plugin.

1) Try Limited Period Offers

You can configure next order coupons having a limited time period. Once past the expiry date, the coupons won’t apply. This will definitely push your customers to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

You can create limited period offers in your store by giving a coupon start date and expiry date in the general tab under the coupon data section.

configuring limited period disocunt

2) Enable QR Code for Next Order Coupons

Creating next order coupons in the form of QR codes can give you a great conversion rate. This way your customers will not have to remember the coupon code or redeem it by visiting your store again. By simply scanning the QR code the next order coupon will be applied and they will be able to make the checkout easily in no time.

For enabling QR code coupons, you need to add another plugin to your store – URL Coupons for WooCommerce. It is an add-on for Smart Coupon Plugin for WooCommerce and thus compatible.

Here are the steps you should be following in order to enable QR code for next order coupons.

Step 1: Add a new coupon code and description.

coupon code and description

Step 2: Choose a discount type and discount amount, etc.

You can make use of the other features as you wish to create an advanced next order coupon.

Step 3: Configure next order coupon

Step 4: Configure QR code coupon ( here the configured next order coupon will be linked to a QR code)

Once you Publish the coupon, you will be able to download the QR code and add it to the email for your customers. They will be able to scan it promptly and redeem the coupon.

To learn more about enabling QRcode coupons in your WooCommerce store you may check here.

3) Offer Free Shipping along with the Coupon

At times a double deal can be a real people puller. Having purchased a product recently from the same store, customers will be a bit hesitant to make another purchase and pay for the shipping charge again. You can avoid this situation by offering free shipping along with the coupon.

You can enable free shipping offer for your coupons by selecting the free shipping checkbox in the general coupon data.


Finding the right strategy and carrying it out in the best way possible is essential in taking your WooCommerce store to greater heights. Next order coupon is one such strategy that if applied effectively can bring huge benefits to your store. I hope you found this article helpful in learning about next order coupons, its benefits, and how you can apply it in your store, etc.

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