How to accept WooCommerce Invoice Payment

Instant digital payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, etc isn’t possible with all kinds of transactions. When it comes to wholesale B2B transactions customers will prefer a time gap between delivery of goods and payment. Invoice payment provides this facility for customers. Thus enabling your WooCommerce store to accept invoice payment will definitely benefit your online store’s growth.

You can enable options for invoice payment on your WooCommerce store in no time. This article will guide you through the entire process.

Enabling Invoice Payment in your WooCommerce Store

From your WordPress dashboard navigate to WooCoomerce > Settings > Checkout.

Click Cash on delivery. Enable the checkbox and change the title into Invoice payment then provide a suitable description and instruction.invoice payment new

Here is the screenshot of the front end of your website. Now customers would be able to make payment via invoice.

invoice checkout

Generating Invoice

The next step would be creating an invoice to send to customers for payment. The invoice should contain the list of goods purchased, the purchase bill and the date for making payment. Webtoffee’s PDF Invoice & Packing slip Plugin for WooCommerce provides you the simplest way to generate invoice of your choice for your store. For details on generating an invoice in your store site visit the article on how to get a pdf invoice in WooCommerce.

The success of an online store has a lot to do with providing convenient payment options for customers. That way customers will not have to make the payment right away after a purchase, especially after a bulk purchase. This gives a huge relief for customers. And by keeping your customer satisfied you can make the profit you want for your store.

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