How to Add Invoice Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

Although online payment has its benefits, it’s not applicable to all kinds of transactions. Online mode requires instant payment but when it comes to B2B bulk transactions, you can’t force your customer to make the payment right away. Thus adding an invoice payment gateway along with other payment gateways would provide a better payment experience for your customers.

WooCommerce provides you the easiest way possible for adding invoices as a payment gateway in your store. You can simply do it by renaming one of the existing payment gateways into invoice payment.

Adding Invoice Payment in your WooCommerce Store

Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Now go to WooCoomerce > Settings > Checkout.

For example, click cash on delivery.

  • Enable/Disable – Enable cash on delivery by selecting the checkbox.
  • Title – Rename the title to Invoice Payment.
  • Description – Provide a description of the invoice payment gateway which will show up on the website’s checkout page.
  • Instructions – Instructions will be visible on the thank you page.

Click Save Changes.

invoice payment new

Here is a screenshot of the page.

invoice checkout

Here is a screenshot of the checkout page of your website.

Now, customers would be able to make payment via Invoice.

An invoice should be generated and send to customers with a due date of payment when they click on the invoice payment gateway option. For this purpose, you need to create an invoice template including all the important information. Webtoffee’s PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Plugin for WooCommerce lets you customize an invoice template of your choice.

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