How to attach custom PDF invoice with WooCommerce order e-mail

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Label provides you with various ways to design and customize your invoice with pre-defined templates. The plugin offers several features to create and manage shipping documents in your desired manner.

Invoice is a major document which stands as a proof of purchase. It is an assurance for the customer which lists out the details of payment and items ordered. It is definitely reliable to have the soft copy of the invoice sent to the customer as soon as the order is confirmed.

Certain prerequisites have to be met to get the invoice sent along with the order processing email. Traverse below to know it in detail.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the Invoice/Pack Slip menu appears on the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the Invoice, all the generic settings pertaining to the invoice are included in the General tab as shown below.

Invoice Settings-Attach invoice PDF in email
Invoice Settings-Attach invoice PDF in the email
  • Generate Invoice for Order Statuses: This option lists all the order statuses for which invoices can be generated. You can select multiple statuses based on your requirement. It is on the basis of the status selected in this filed which triggers the email.
  • Attach invoice PDF in the email: Enable it toYes to attach the PDF version of the currently active invoice template with the order email.
  • Enable Print Invoice option for customers: You will able to display a print invoice button for your customers.

A sample email with invoice attachment with a print invoice button is as shown below:

PDF invoice attached in order complete email
PDF invoice attached in order complete email


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