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How to Bulk Update Existing WooCommerce User Details

There can be instances where you need to update the details of existing users of your store. WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export plugin allows you to import, export, and update WooCommerce users/ customers in bulk.

Existing store users can be updated very easily by importing the updated CSV. As in the case of normal import, the CSV can be attached via a local file or via the FTP Server.

First of all, you will have to install and activate the Customer/User import-export plugin for WooCommerce to your site. To import or update the user details, navigate to the import section from the plugin home page. Import is carried out in two steps:

Step 1: Import Settings

The import window appears as shown below:

User Import Export- Import window

User Import Export- Import window

Even though there are two methods by which the importing can be done, we’ll proceed further by attaching a CSV file from the local computer. Once the CSV is attached, choose the update user if exists checkbox to update the details of existing users and then proceed to Map and Import section.

You may refer to the user import export set up article to know more about the importing steps.

Step 2: Import Mapping-Merge Users

  1. Re-Map the fields if required as shown below:

    Merge User Mapping

    Merge User Mapping

  2. Click on the Submit button.
  3. The updated details of the users/customers will be imported from the CSV into your online store. The window appears as shown below indicating successful import.
  4. User merge completed successfully

    User merge completed successfully

    Note: If the user ID does not exist, then the user is imported as a new user.

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