How to change invoice number in WooCommerce

The invoice number is one of the most important components of an invoice. Every invoice should possess a unique invoice number. Invoice number should be assigned sequentially. But if you have chosen a number system which gets confusing as it gets higher, it can get difficult to manage.

What do you do then?  You will have to reset the number system of the invoice number. Using WebToffee’s PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Plugin for WooCommerce you can set and reset invoice numbers easily. This article will guide you through the process of resetting invoice numbers for your WooCommerce store with the help of a plugin.

Checkout our short tutorial given below to know how the invoice number can be changed.

Changing WooCommerce Invoice number

You can get started by installing and activating the plugin. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Invoice/Packing > Invoice. You can set up a custom invoice number with prefix/suffix/number series or even mirror the order number as invoice number respectively.

WooCommerce Invoice or packing-Invoice Settings- Invoice Number
WooCommerce Invoice or packing-Invoice Settings- Invoice Number
  • Invoice number format: Specify the format in which the invoice has to be generated. For example: [prefix][number][suffix]
Invoice number format
  • Use the order number as invoice number: Choose Yes to use the order number as the invoice number. If you want to generate a custom invoice number then select No and input the necessary details into the populated fields. The fields are populated on the basis of the number format previously selected.
    • Invoice Start Number: Enter the Invoice Start Number.
  • Custom invoice number
    Custom invoice number
  • Invoice Number Prefix: Enter the prefix which will be added before the invoice number. You can use any of the date formats or alphanumeric characters in this field as shown in the popup.
  • Date formats
    Date formats
  • Invoice Number Suffix: Enter the suffix which will be added after the invoice number. You can use any of the date formats or alphanumeric characters as a suffix as shown in the image above.
  • Invoice Length: Indicates the total length of the invoice number. If the length of the generated invoice number is less than the provided, it will be padded with ‘0’. E.g if you specify 7 as invoice length and your invoice number is 8009, it will be represented as 0008009 in the respective documents.
  • Update and reset the invoice number format settings by clicking on the Update and Reset button.

    Here is a screenshot of the sample invoice.

    Sample WooCommerce PDF Invoice

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