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How to create a ‘Buy X and get X for 50% OFF’ coupon for WooCommerce

WooCommerce coupon system let you create a variety of coupons to attract customers to your online store. But the default coupon set up may be inadequate to fulfill certain custom needs. An extended coupon plugin like the Smart coupon for WooCommerce may serve the purpose. It will help you to create personalized or custom coupons for your store.

One of the most common and popularly used is ‘Buy X and get X for 50% OFF’ coupon. Following steps will elaborate on how the same can be configured using an extended WooCommerce coupon plugin.

Configuring the coupon:

      1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon
      2. Key in an appropriate coupon code and description
      3. From the Usage Restriction tab,
        • Select a particular product for which the coupon is intended to get applied from the Product field.
        • Set the Minimum quantity of matching products purchase as 2 so that the coupon will be applicable only for the minimum purchase of 2 specific products.

          Buy2Get1-Usage Restriction

          Buy2Get1-Usage Restriction

      4. From the Giveaway tab,
        • Select a product from the giveaway product field that has to be given as giveaway. Since the same product has to be given with a discount, select the same product for which the coupon is applied to.
        • Select the number of products that have to be given as a giveaway from the quantity field. In this case, choose 1 as only one product is given as a giveaway.
        • Assign a percentage or fixed amount discount as the giveaway discount. Here, let us specify it to be as 50%.



      5. Now, publish the coupon.
      6. The coupon can be redeemed on purchasing the required quantity of matching products as shown below:

        Smart Coupon-Buy 2 Get 1 for 50off


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