How to create a coupon in WooCommerce

Last updated on September 10, 2021

How to create a coupon in WooCommerce

You can easily achieve a traffic boost in your store by offering additional discounts and supplements. It is a fact that WooCommerce is the best and the most popular when it comes to e-commerce solutions. To add, it contains an extensive built-in coupon set up for creating and managing coupons in any way you want. 

Admins of a WooCommerce store can easily configure coupons directly from the Coupons page under the path WooCommerce > Coupon from their WordPress dashboard. 

WooCommerce Coupon-Create first coupon
WooCommerce Coupon-Create first coupon

Go ahead and click on the Create your first coupon button This will take you to the Add new coupon page where you can enter all the details of your coupons and add it to the store.

WooCommerce Coupon-Add new coupon
WooCommerce Coupon-Add new coupon

Now that we have our coupon window in hand, let us traverse into it in detail to get a broader insight.

Creating WooCommerce Coupons – in Details

The coupon window in the Add new coupons page can be categorized into two parts:

  • One part which holds the coupon code and description, and
  • The coupon data panel

In the first part, is the Coupon code text area, where you can key in an appropriate code for the coupon you are going to create. This code will be used by the buyer for redeeming the discount. You can define the coupon details in the Description field. For eg: if you have entered the coupon code as B2G1, you can enter Buy 2 Get 1 in your description box.

The second part is the data panel where you get more control for configuring the coupon. The coupons data panel is further classified into General, Usage Restriction and Usage Limits.

Let’s take a look at these settings.

General Coupon Settings

This is where you set the type, amount, and expiration date of discount that would be redeemed when the coupon is applied. 

The first field to set here is the Discount type. There are three types of Discount Types to choose from. Namely, 

  • Percentage Discount: This will offer a percentage discount to the cart’s total.
    Suppose if the cart total is $100, and the coupon offers a percentage discount of 50%, then the total amount the buyer has to pay will only be $50 when the coupon is applied.
  • Fixed Cart Discount: A specific amount will be deducted from the cart’s total. i.e, if all of the items in the cart total at $120 and the coupon discount is $20, then the buyer will have to pay only $100 when the coupon is applied.
  • Fixed Product Discount: The coupon can be redeemed only if the coupon associated product is present in the cart. The discount is applied per item and not to the cart as a whole.
    For instance, if there is a $50 discount coupon on a product, let’s say, a laptop, and the customer purchases a laptop and mobile phone for which there are no coupons. Then when the coupon is applied, the price of only the laptop in the cart is reduced and the rest of the items in the cart is affected.


WooCommerce Coupon-Discount Type
WooCommerce Coupon-Discount Type

Next is the Coupon Amount. It simply refers to the amount or percentage of discount that will be applied while redeeming the coupon. This value is entered in conjunction with the type of coupon as selected in the Discount type field. That means, If you select the percentage discount as the discount type of the coupon and enter the Coupon amount as 10, then a 10% discount will be applied to the cart as a whole. And if the coupon type is Fixed cart or Fixed product, then the value 10 would mean that a discount of $10 s applied to the cart or product respectively. 

To provide free shipping with the coupon, select the checkbox Allow free shipping. However, it is important to note that this works in relation to the settings done in the Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping.

The next setting in this category is to set a validity for the coupon. Select a Coupon expiry date from the date chooser. The coupon cannot be redeemed on the date of expiration of the coupon. If you don’t choose to select any, then the coupon never expires.

WooCommerce Coupon-Coupon expiry
WooCommerce Coupon-Coupon expiry

Restricting coupon usage 

The next tab in the Coupon data panel is the Usage restriction tab. As the name implies, the additional restrictions for the coupon can be configured in the Usage Restriction tab. 

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce Basic-Usage Restriction
Smart Coupon for WooCommerce Basic-Usage Restriction

Suppose, you want the customers to spend a minimum amount so that they can avail a discount. Then you have to specify the amount in the Minimum spend field. For example, you want to create a coupon that will only apply if the customer makes a purchase of a minimum of $100. Then you need to specify the Minimum spend field at $100. So the coupon will be applicable to any purchase equal to or more than $100.

Similarly, if Maximum spend is specified then the coupon will be applicable only for cart total up to the amount entered. If both the minimum and maximum spend is given, then the coupon can be redeemed for cart total falling into that price range only. 

This means that, if the value entered in minimum spend is $100, then the coupon will be applicable only if the cart total is equivalent to $100 or more than that. Likewise, If the maximum spend value entered is $1000, then the coupon will not get applied if the cart total is more than $1000. On the other hand, if the minimum and maximum spend entered is $100 and $1000, then the coupon will be applicable only for the cart total amount falling between this price range. 

Coupons can be made to use in conjunction with other coupons or not by choosing to select the Individual use only checkbox. Once checked in, it will prevent additional coupons from being applied or if any coupon is already applied then this coupon will not work.

Exclude sale items, when checked, will prevent the coupon from applying for all products already marked with a discount in your store.

The Products field allows you to associate a coupon with a product by choosing corresponding products from the product box. The coupon will be applicable only if the selected product is moved to the cart.

Exclude product field allows you to add products to which the coupon will not be applied or if it’s fixed cart coupon, then these products should not be in the cart for the coupon to be applied.

The Product category field can be used to create a coupon that applies to an entire category of products. And if you want to exclude a category of products then you can specify that category of products in the Exclude category field.

The Allowed emails field allows you to specify the customers’ user IDs to which the coupon will be applicable. Multiple email ids can be separated by commas.

Limiting the coupon usage

The Usage Limits tab is concerned all about enforcing certain restrictions on the usage of coupons. 

You can control the redeemable count of the coupon in the Usage limit per coupon field. Once the coupon redemption reaches the specified value, no more customers will be able to use the coupon thereafter.

Lastly, Usage limit per user can ensure one-time usage of the coupon for a single user. Though defaulted to unlimited usage, it is the number entered in this field which determines the count of coupon usage for a user. 

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce is an add-on plugin which extends the WooCommerce coupon functionality. It blends in very smoothly with the existing coupon panel that the user can just go with the flow to design coupons with a little more specificity. The highlight is that the plugin comes in both basic as well as in the premium version for you to explore. You get more control over the coupon usability, restrictions, and limits. 

In this article, I will be using the free version of the plugin to see what all can be achieved with the WooCommerce coupons in your store.

Once installed and activated, the plugin brings two new additional tabs incorporated in the coupon panel namely; the Checkout Options, and Giveaway Products

Smart Coupon for WooCommerce Basic-General tab
Smart Coupon for WooCommerce Basic-General tab

The plugin also adds some additional fields in the in-built WooCommerce coupons data panel tabs. For now, let’s take a look at what Checkout options and Give away Products tab are:

Checkout Options: here you can assign if you want to put any restriction on the coupon based on how the users check out.

Give away Products: here you can allow a free product to your customers when they make a purchase.

Other than the coupon data panel itself, you will notice two other tabs that are added in the WooCommerce coupons page.

  • Settings tab: This tab allows you to choose different templates for different types of coupons. The templates are customizable as well.


Smart Coupon for WooCommerce-Settings
Smart Coupon for WooCommerce-Settings
  • Help tab: Here are some useful links for getting started with the plugin and support details for when you run into any issue using the plugin.
  • Different Kinds of Coupons to Increase Sales in the Store

    Let’s look into some of the real-life scenarios that can be achieved using Smart coupon for WooCommerce plugin and see how it will fulfill some of the common needs storekeepers may have.

    Wrapping Up

    So, that’s all about creating a coupon in WooCommerce and how you can get more out of it using extensions. Coupons are a great way to promote your store and improve sales and if you own a WooCommerce store, creating and managing coupons is as easy as it can get.