How to create mobile coupons using QR Code

URL Coupons for WooCommerce is an addon coupon plugin that helps you to add a unique URL to any coupon in your e-commerce store.  URL Coupon can be embedded within a link or QR Code. It ensures that the underlying coupon used is applied as per its respective configuration such as allowing a discount, usage restriction or limits, etc.

QR Code enables you to create mobile coupons that can be used across various printed mediums for promoting business and coupon usage. On scanning the QR Code, the user will be redirected to the corresponding page with coupon applied along with it.

Configuring the coupon:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon
  2. Key in an appropriate coupon code and description

    QRCode Coupon-Code and description
    QRCode Coupon-Code and description
  3. Navigate to the Action Coupon tab.
    • Enter a parameter here which will be appended with your site URL to form a unique coupon URL. The coupon discount will be automatically applied to a customer who visits this URL. You will get a live preview of the URL on entering any text into this field. For instance, to create a coupon ‘Get 50% off for Shirts’, you can key in an appropriate text into the Unique URL field, say, get50off so that a link as will be created.
    • Next, choose a product(s) in order to add it automatically to the customer’s cart upon successfully activating the coupon via URL. In this case, let us specify it as a shirt.
    • Enter the page to which the coupon must be redirected. Here, the coupon will be redirected to the cart page via the URL.
    • You can see that, as soon as the unique URL is entered, a QR code will get displayed which can then be downloaded using the download button.
      QRCode Coupon-Action Coupon
      QRCode Coupon-Action Coupon
  4. The downloaded QR Code can be scanned which will redirect the user to the specified page along with the embedded product and coupon.
    QRCode Coupon-redirected to cart
    QRCode Coupon-redirected to cart
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