How to Create WooCommerce Coupons

Last updated on August 24, 2021

How to Create WooCommerce Coupons

Want to attract more customers to your e-shop? Including coupons may invite more!

Coupons attract customers by discounting the pay and maximizing the rewards. This article will discuss how you can create coupons in your WooCommerce store using the coupon functionalities provided by WooCommerce. Also, we will explain how you can extend those functionalities to create more advanced coupons using the plugin: Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.

Setting up a Coupon in WooCommerce

Let’s take a look at all of the sections in the WooCommerce coupons to see how you can create the best coupons for your business with the help of an example. Here is the simplest way to offer coupons and delight your customers.
Example: Consider your e-shop celebrating its first anniversary by giving a discount of 50% to the first 100 lucky customers on 8th Aug; 2021.

To add a new coupon, go to WooCommerce > Coupons and click Add coupon.

WooCommerce Add new coupon page

WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator

From the ‘Add new coupon’ page, add the coupon code, and a description for the coupon. The description is for the reference of the admin and will not be visible to the customers.
For our example, we can generate the coupon code as in the below screenshot:

generate coupon code

Here, we have generated:

Coupon code: U4C69NSW
Description: First 100 lucky customers.

The coupon code is obtained in a computer-generated format. You can also opt for a more simpler and readable coupon code format like: LUCKY100. This must be done manually.

WooCommerce Coupon Data Block

The next part is the Coupon data block.

WooCommerce Coupon data block

The coupon data block has three tabs:

  1. General
  2. Usage restriction
  3. Usage limits

Let’s go through them one-by-one.


Configure all the basic settings of the coupon from the General tab. 

  • Discount type: sets the type of discount.
  • Coupon amount: sets the amount of the discount.
  • Allow free shipping: Check this box to offer free shipping to the customers using the coupon.
  • Coupon expiry date: sets an expiration date.
WooCommerce coupon- general tab

Considering the mentioned example, we’ve created a coupon that gives a 50% discount to the entire cart. The coupon expires on 8th August 2021.

Types of WooCommerce Coupons

The three types WooCommerce coupons are:

Types of WooCommerce coupons
  1. Percentage discount: applies a percentage discount to the entire cart.
  2. Fixed cart discount: discounts a fixed amount from the entire cart.
  3. Fixed product discount: discounts a fixed amount for only the selected products. The discount is calculated per item and not for the whole cart.

Restricting Coupons using Usage Restriction

The usage restriction helps you restrict the coupons to only those customers who meet certain conditions. Without the restriction, anyone can add the coupon at any time. To avoid this, we can apply a few restrictions to the coupon using the Usage restriction.

Usage restriction is an important component for effective coupon management. You can add restrictions to the coupon with the following components:

  • Minimum spend & Maximum spend: Set a minimum or maximum order subtotal (cart subtotal + tax).
  • Products & Product Categories: Include selected products or product categories. As per the example, the coupon will be applicable only to the products in the Clothing category.
  • Exclude products & Exclude categories: Exclude selected products or product categories.
  • Allowed emails: List the allowed billing emails to check during an order. We can separate multiple email addresses with commas. Asterisk (*) can match them. For example “*”.
Restricting Coupons on WooCommerce

Considering the mentioned example, we’ve restricted the discount to the Clothing category.

Limiting Coupon Usage using Usage Limits

Without limiting the coupon usage, any number of people can avail the coupons and even a person can use the same coupon more than once. Which is definitely not suggested for a successful e-shop business. We can avoid this by setting usage limits to the coupon.

The usage restrictions can also be used to create a sense of urgency to the customer to purchase the product so that they can avail of the coupon. Like in the example of offering the discount for the first 100 users.

Usage limit per coupon: specify the number of times the coupon can be used in total.

Usage limit per user: specify the number of times the coupon can be used per customer.

Limiting Coupon Usage on WooCommerce

Considering the mentioned example, we’ve specified that 100 customers can avail of the coupon. Each of these 100 customers can use the coupon code only once.

Using WooCommerce Coupons During Checkout

To use the coupon during checkout:

  1. Add the product you want to purchase to the cart.
  2. Specify the Coupon code.
  3. Click on Apply Coupons.
  4. The coupon code will do the discount and the cart total will be displayed as shown.

Step up with Smart Coupons

The basic version of the plugin: Smart Coupons for WooCommerce helps in creating advanced WooCommerce coupons. Auto-apply coupons, giveaway offers and increased coupon restrictions are some of the main features of the plugin. The basic version is powerful enough to create a variety of coupons to give your WooCommerce store sales the much deserved boost. For more advanced features, opt for the premium version of WooCommerce Smart Coupons by WebToffee. The premium features include:

  • Auto-apply coupons
  • Create store credits 
  • Gift cards
  • Giveaway offers
  • URL Coupons
  • Behavior-based Coupon Creation
  • Countdown Discount Sales Banner
  • Advanced Coupon Restrictions
  • BOGO Offers

Create Store Credits

Store credits are a great way to treat customers with gifts and refunds. Smart coupons facilitate the generation of store credits of unlimited value. These credits can be purchased by the customers for themselves or emailed as gifts to others.

Smart coupon-Store credits

Another peculiar feature includes  customization of the pre-defined templates adding fun to the purchase.

Customise store credit coupon

The following video will give you more details on how to give store credits in WooCommerce.

Email store credits/coupons

Email store credits and WooCommerce coupons

Using the Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin, you can email store credits and coupons stating the details of the voucher. The unique code enclosed in the email can be used during purchase.

The following video will give you more details on how you can send WooCommerce coupons to multiple emails.

Bulk Coupon Generation

When you have a big promotion in your store coming and you want every single customer of yours to get a unique coupon code, generating coupons in bulk will come in handy. It’s a tedious task to create every single coupon code manually.

Smart Coupons generate coupons in bulk and send them to the customer’s email. This functionality enables you to create and promote your coupons in minutes.

The following video will explain how you can generate hundreds of coupons in bulk for  your store.

Creating URL Coupons in WooCommerce Store

URL Coupons are a very useful tool when it comes to marketing. They make it very easy to get users to sign up/purchase the product using a URL. The URLs are easy to share on social media and other platforms and the users can purchase the products easily with the coupon already applied.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce helps in creating custom URL coupons that you can use in your sale campaigns.

Wrap up

I hope you have got a better idea of how to create coupons and the basic marketing tips associated with it. One can surely adopt these tips to boost the e-shop business. So, do check out the basic and premium versions of Smart coupons and jump up your business.