How to exclude coupons/store credit from applying for specific products

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Often store owners would want to exclude certain products from applying for coupons or store credits. Smart Coupon for WooCommerce plugin conveniently integrates this feature into the WooCommerce product module. A product can be easily omitted from applying for coupons or store credits while it is been created itself. Alternatively, for existing products, the restriction can be implied by editing them from the product page.

Navigate to the WooCommerce product module from your dashboard and select add a new product ( edit for the existing product). From the product data panel, select exclude for coupons and/or exclude for store credits whichever applicable.

Exclude for Coupon:Store Credit
Exclude for Coupon/Store Credit

If a customer tries to apply a coupon to a coupon/store credit restricted product, then they will be notified with a validation message saying “Sorry, this coupon is not applicable for selected products”.

Exclude for Coupon:Store Credit-Validation message
Exclude for Coupon:Store Credit-Validation message


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