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How to export a definite number of WooCommerce products using offset and limit

Products from WooCommerce can be exported into a CSV/XML very easily using the WebToffee’s product import-export plugin. You can export any number of products irrespective of the product type, count, etc.

However, the plugin is equipped with an additional feature to export a definite number of products using the offset and limit fields. Let’s walk through this feature in detail in this article.

Install and activate the product import and export plugin. On the plugin dashboard, the Product tab is divided into the following two sections:

  • Import 
  • Export 
Product Import Export-Menu

Product Import Export-Menu

To start exporting products, click the Export button. The export settings are as shown below:

Product Import Export-Export Products
Product Import Export-Export Products

The offset and limit can be inserted from the export settings in the following manner:

  • Offset: Allows you to set an offset value that lets you skip a specific number of products before exporting.
  • Limit: Allows you to specify the number of products to be exported.

For example, if Offset=0 and Limit=50, the first 50 products will be exported.
If Offset=10 and Limit=50, the first 10 products will be skipped, and the remaining 50 products will be exported (from product number 11 to 60). In the case of variable products, in addition to the product, its variation will also be exported. The count of variations will not be accounted while considering the offset and limit.

Simple products with offset as 10 and limit as 50 can be exported in the following manner:

Product import Export-Offset and limit

Product import Export-Offset and Limit


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