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How to export related products using WP all export

If you are using WP all export for exporting products from your site, then its corresponding related products can also be easily exported along with it. With WP all export, the data will be in the serialized form, therefore, you can make use of the following PHP function to unserialize while exporting products.

Now, to know how the function can be inserted, follow the instructions stated below:

As a first step, you will have to drag and drop the relevant value object as highlighted below from the available data section to the export builder. The drag-and-drop export builder that WP All Export offers is as shown below:

Click on a particular value object which will open the Edit Export Field dialogue. Check the box next to “Export the value returned by a PHP function” to open the Function Editor.

Specify the function name, and function, as depicted below. Note: Replace “your_function_name” with “data_deserialize” .

You can specify the above given code snippet in the function editor field and then Save the function.

For the other value objects, you will just have to specify the function name and save it. As a function is already defined in the first case, you needn’t have to repeat it again.

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