How to filter WooCommerce order export by order status

Order/Coupon/Subscription Import Export for WooCommerce plugin gives provision to import and export orders, subscriptions, and coupons in both CSV/XML format. Different filter options for order import and export are conveniently integrated into the plugin.

You can filter orders by order statuses in the following manner:

  1. Install and activate the order import export plugin in the usual manner. Navigate to WooCommerce > Order Im-Ex
  2. In order to export the orders, select Export from beneath the Order tab. The plugin comes with various options to incorporate the order export for exporting orders in different manners as shown below:
    WooCommerce Order Export
    WooCommerce Order Export
  3. The order export window consists of following fields
    • Order Statuses:  Select order statuses for which you want to export orders from the list. For example, if you want to export orders with status completed and processing, then select only those values from the field. This will export the orders with processing and completed status only.
      Filter order export by status
      Filter order export by status
    • Products: To export orders of only specific products, select required products from this field.
    • Coupons: Enter coupon codes separated with commas to export those orders to which the specified coupon codes are applied.
    • Offset: Enter the order row number at which you wish to start the export.
    • Limit: Enter the maximum number of orders that you wish to export.
    • Start Date: Select the date from which you want to export the orders by clicking on the calendar icon.
    • End Date: Select the date till which you want to export the orders by clicking on the calendar icon.
    • Delimiter: With this field, you can change the comma separated file to ‘|’ or ‘.” separated file according to your requirement.
    • Columns: Select the checkbox for required columns if you want to export specific columns. With the Column Name field, you can modify the column header in the CSV file. To do that, simply enter the required column name for the specific column.
    • Exclude already exported: Check this to avoid duplication while exporting.
    • Export line items into separate columns: In order to export line items in a separate column, tick this checkbox.
    • Include hidden metadata: If you want to include custom metadata of the order in the export, especially from third-party plugins, then tick this checkbox. 
    • Click Export Orders (CSV) or Export Orders (XML), the CSV/XML file gets auto-downloaded to your computer.

Refer to how to Import and Export WooCommerce Orders by using Order /Coupon / Subscription Export Import plugin for WooCommerce. Please refer to the product page to know more about the plugin features.

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