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How to generate WooCommerce packing slip per item in an order

Attaching a Packing Slip along with the invoice while shipping a package can build up an additional line of communication between the sender and the customer. Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Plugin for WooCommerce extension are capable of automatically generating all the integral shipping documents like PDF invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, shipping/address labels, etc. One of the highlights of the plugin is its ability to customize the shipping documents in the desired manner.

Once you have installed and activated this plugin, Invoice/Pack List menu gets enabled in the WordPress dashboard.  The settings configured in the general tab are used across all documents as a source of information. The settings for configuring the different packaging type is also included in the general settings tab.

Navigate to the Invoice/Packing > General Settings. Move on to the Advanced tab. The advanced settings can be used to configure additional information with respect to custom data, RTL support, packaging formats, etc.

From the advanced tab, you can select the packaging type from the three available options as:

Invoice/Pack Slip-Packaging Type
  • Pack items individually: Allows you to pack each item in the cart separately. Total Shipping cost is calculated by adding the shipping cost of each item.
  • Box packing: If packing items individually or weight-based packing does not suit your business, then you can customize box sizes based on your requirement. Once you select this option, the following fields will be appended as shown below:box packing
    To define a new box size, click the Add Box button. All cart items are packed into custom boxes defined in Box Size settings. The best fit box is chosen automatically from the defined boxes. This box dimension and weight settings are applicable only when Box Packing is selected. Based on your requirement, you can enable or disable a particular box using the checkbox under the Enabled column of the respective box rule.
  • Single package per order: Allows you to pack all items of a single order as one single package.

In order to generate the packing list per item in an order, select the option Pack items individually from the Packaging type dropdown. Now that the settings are in place, you can customize the packing slip into your desired format and use it for printing.

For instance, let us try printing packing slip for an order consisting of two items as shown below.

Packing slip per item in an order
Packing slip per item in an order

In the above demo, you can see that the packing slip is generated separately for two different items in an order.

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