How to Modify Existing Mapping File

Order / Coupon / Subscription Export Import plugin is an ideal plugin for exporting and importing orders/coupons/subscription orders to/from your WooCommerce store for migrating an existing online store.

You can import orders from WooCommerce store as well as another e-commerce platform. It exports orders from WooCommerce store to the CSV/XML file. You can import/export/merge(update existing order) hundreds, even thousands, of orders using one file which saves your effort and time of manually adding order information.

Importing Orders using an existing mapping file

After you have installed and activated the plugin go to the store’s admin dashboard. Navigate to WooCommerce > Order Imp-Ex > Orders > Import. 

The orders can be imported via CSV/XML file. You will be given with a provision to select a mapping file option(s) for auto-mapping only if you save the mapped fields with a user-defined file name while Mapping the fields. Select the required mapping file from the Select a mapping file drop-down list and make necessary changes to the existing mapping file to modify it. Once it is done, you can proceed with importing. A sample demo of how an existing mapping file can be updated is as given  below:

WooCommerce Order Import Export – Modify existing mapping file

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