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How to Retain WooCommerce User’s Password on Import

One of the most vulnerable data of a user is their password. It is very important to safeguard it while migrating from one store to another. WordPress User & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin facilitates efficient import and export of users and their relevant data.

Let us have a look into how this plugin retains the user’s password on migration.

  • Navigate to WebToffee Import Export (Pro), after installing and activating the plugin via Plugin Setup .
  • Click on Import and follow the steps in How to import users to get your site’s user data.
  • Once you reach Step 4, the following window appears from which you can set Retain user passwords to “Yes” and import.
Retain WooCommerceUsers-password

In both the cases of automatic and manually created CSV, the plugin efficiently handles the user password with utmost security on import.

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