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How to Retain WooCommerce User’s Password on Import

One of the most vulnerable data of a user is their password. It is very important to safeguard it while migrating from one store to another. WordPress User & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin facilitates efficient import and export of users and their relevant data.

Let us have a look into how this plugin retains the user’s password on migration.

  • Navigate to WebToffee Import Export (Pro), after installing and activating the plugin via Plugin Setup .
  • Click on Import and follow the steps in How to import/export user data to get your site’s user data.
  • Once you reach Step 4, the following window appears from which you can set Retain user passwords to “Yes” and import.
Retain WooCommerceUsers-password

In both the cases of automatic and manually created CSV, the plugin efficiently handles the user password with utmost security on import.

Please refer here to know more about the plugin.

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