How to Send Coupons to Multiple Email Addresses

How to Send Coupons to Multiple Email Addresses

Everyone knows that coupons play a significant role in marketing… But why do we need email coupons? How do we send coupons to multiple email addresses? In this article we are going to answer these two questions.

Why do we need email coupons?

Email coupons are deals or gifts that are sent to your customers personally via email. These coupons encourage customers to buy more and save some money at the same time. By using email coupons you can get new customers and it can encourage customers to return to your shop again and again. Email coupon helps to trial a product and promote new products. Checkout the tutorial to know how to send coupons to multiple email addresses from your WooCommerce store.

How do we send coupons to multiple email addresses?

You can create coupons and restrict them using the fundamental features of WooCommerce. But if you need more than that, like to send coupons to multiple email addresses, then you can go for a coupon extension. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce make it possible and helps to grow your business. Once you have finished installation and set up follow the below steps Let me explain this with an example, 25% off on your next purchase.

Step 1: Configure Bulk generate panel
  1. Go to WooCommerce > Coupons
  2. From the Coupons window click on the Bulk Generate tab
  3. In the Bulk Generate Coupon panel you can enter the No of coupons to be generated and select Email to the recipients option as illustrated below

Note: Email recipients option works in combination with Allowed emails. If email restriction is applied under allowed emails option, the application generates only enough no. of coupons depending on whichever is the lowest value, either the coupon number or the number of emails

Step 2: Set-up Coupon data
  1. To set-up coupon data from General panel select Discount type and enter Coupon amount. As you can see in the below screenshot, I configured a 25 Percentage discount.
  2. Add a coupon format as you want. For that fill up Prefix and Suffix fields

Step 3: Generate and send coupon for multiple email addresses
  1. Navigate to Usage restriction panel
  2. Enter all the emails separated by commas in the Allowed emails field as shown below
  3. If you want, configure other necessary fields and Click on the Generate Coupon button

After finishing Step 3 you will be redirected to WooCommerce > Coupons window where you can see all the coupons that have been sent to the given email addresses. Now, all your selected loyal customers will receive a unique coupon code in their email address. The email content looks like this


Coupons are not just a one-time deal it has the potential to grow the business and customer loyalty. Receiving offers and coupons is the major reason why people subscribe to email lists. Sending email coupons to your customers, make them feel special and it will create a bond between the customer and the brand and you could be making more by offering coupons.